Instant karma’s gonna get you

    As a parent , there are a lot of things that I can teach my kids by example, and a lot of things that they have to learn on their own. No matter how much we talk about being a gracious winner, there are times when we all get a little too big for our britches, and can’t help but rub in a hard fought win. Likewise, even though we’ve discussed accepting a loss, and not acting like a sore loser, there are times when a sulk magically makes everything better. I’m still the mom, though, and so I’m trying really hard to keep my gloating at a minimum. Remember that tournament that Toby didn’t get invited to? Turns out, the team lost all of the games they played. I do feel a tiny bit bad for the boys who did play, even though a couple of them really are arrogant little jerks. I feel really bad for the kids who played their hearts out and probably still got crap from the coach for messing something up. Mostly, though, I’m secretly thrilled that what goes around really does come around.




Once more into the breach

Thursday night was supposed to be Toby’s last baseball game. I think we were all sort of worn out and ready for the season to be over. But then…. They won! It was more than a little amazing. They’d only won two games all season, and Thursday’s game was against a team that had skunked us twice, and were “the team to beat”. So at the end, when it was 14 to 12, the moms were all a little teary eyed, the dads were all high-fiving each other, and the kids were completely dazed. So even though they played again on Saturday and lost, it was still a fabulous way to end the season. Go Wildcats!




There were some gorgeous strawberries at the store this weekend, and it was all I could do to keep myself from stuffing them in my mouth on the way to the check out line. So I decided to make shortcake for dessert tonight, and once again I was reminded that my 9X13 pans are missing. This is quite troubling because (1) I love to bake, and (2) I especially love to bake strawberry shortcake. I hope they are in one of the boxes in the garage that we have not unpacked. (yes, we’ve lived here for a year. shut up.) But the other thought that is flitting through my mind is that my husband – and I don’t even want to write this for fear that it will come true – is using them for some nefarious purpose. Like changing the oil in the lawn mower. Or mixing fertilizer for the blueberry bush. And really, how could I be missing BOTH of them? Maybe they eloped? And they are travelling the country followed by their twin custard cups? Sigh.




Michael’s has cotton yarn for $1 this week, which, of course, meant I had to go. I got a ton of colors, and may even someday manage to make them into dish rags! I started a new project this weekend knitting on circular needles, and I nearly strangled myself trying to get the first row knit. It didn’t get much easier from there, so I ended up tearing it all out and starting again on straight needles. So far, so good. I think my needles are *just* long enough.




Since our garden is doing exceedingly well, we had fried green tomatoes TWICE this weekend, and they were gooooood! The boys acted like I was trying to feed them poison, but maybe they’ll acquire the taste. After all, today I got them to eat clover flowers. 🙂