Five things Friday – the TGIF edition

1. This has been an excruciatingly long week for me. I have been having one of those days all week. But, it’s Friday, and it’s almost time to go home, so nothing but blue skies are ahead.

2. One of my very best friends is pregnant, and is having a boy! Yay for tiny little over-alls, ball caps and jammies with monsters on them!

3. I finally paid my fine at the library (I swear, the only reason they even let me in anymore is because they need my fines to build an extension), and I just finished The Night Circus, which was awesome. I can also check out books on my iPad, and they automatically return themselves after 14 days. (Take that, library extension planners!!)

4. Sometime this weekend, I hope to win a game of pool against Denver all by myself – meaning, he doesn’t scratch on the 8 ball, and I win by default.

5. Sunday is Father’s Day!! Big hugs to all the fathers and fathers-to-be!


Have a great weekend, everybody.


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