Ten Things Toby Tuesday

Last week, this little monkey turned 10.

So I thought now would be a perfect time to do a ten things post, all about Toby. He’ll be thrilled, I’m sure.

1. Toby did not want to be born. He was determined to bake a little longer, I guess. I was in labor for two days before the doctor finally decided that maybe I should give up. Believe me, it didn’t take much convincing. Toby is just as stubborn now as he was then.

2. When Toby was about 2 ½, Mason showed up. I’m not sure what he thought about that, but he’s been a great big brother. Of course they fight, but they always make up. Toby is great with helping Mason, and I think having a little brother to take care of has made him more compassionate and understanding.

3. Toby is hilarious. As he gets older, he’s establishing his own sense of humor, sarcastic and dry. Of course, he still goofs around. Fart jokes are quite popular.

4. Toby is so smart. I still know enough to help him with his math homework, but I don’t think that will last much longer. He says that he wants to be an Engineer when he grows up so he can design LEGO sets. I tell him that he can be whatever he wants to be.

5. Toby is much harder on himself that anyone else could ever be. He demands the best of himself, and will not accept limitations. I’m trying to help him learn to redirect his frustration, but I’ve been where he is, and I know that some things he will just have to learn for himself.

6. When Toby started second grade, his dentist recommended that we see an orthodontist because he had a rather significant under bite. To correct this, Toby had to wear a big metal appliance against the roof of his mouth that was meant to stretch his upper jaw. At night, he had to wear head gear which was attached to his braces with rubber bands. He slept with rubber bands hanging out of his mouth for 8 months, and never complained. Not even once.

7. Toby also started wearing glasses in second grade. He’s never complained about that, either, except when they are too dirty to see through. I have no idea how they get so dirty, it’s one of those mysteries associated with 10 year old boys, I think. He reads books all the time, and actually got in trouble for being in the library too long when he was supposed to have returned to class. I’m thankful that his teacher allows him to go to the library during class time to trade his books so that he always has something to read in class.

8. Although he’s certainly no angel, Toby is always respectful of adults. I am ridiculously proud of this.

9. Even though there is no question that he is my kid, his pointy eyebrows totally seal the deal.

10. Happy Birthday to my big 10 year old! I love you! (Even if you don’t ever comb your hair.)


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