Things I’m reading Thursday – Wildwood

    Last Sunday, Mason and I drove in to town to try to find some new pants for Toby, who refuses to stop growing. Due to the time change, and a strange series of events that will never be duplicated again, we made it to the store at about 10 minutes ’til, and the store hadn’t opened yet. Down the strip is a Barnes and Noble, and since they have a café (“we are not Starbucks, we just carry their products, MA’AM”), I thought we’d spend a few minutes there while we waited for the other store to open. Now, you should know by now that book stores are my kryptonite, but I figured that I couldn’t get into too much trouble in 10 minutes. (Don’t hurt yourself laughing, Mom.) So, anyway….

    We wandered around for a few minutes because there is a big LEGO display and Mason wanted to see if they had any of the Monster Fighter sets. As we were standing there, Toby called, and when he found out where we were, he asked if I could look for a book for him. And since I have a book hoarding problem I think it is important to encourage Toby’s reading habits, I picked up a book three books for myself for him. Wildwood is one of them.


    This book is AWESOME!! The two main characters are both sincere and honest and just how I hope my kids turn out. Prue’s little brother is kidnapped by crows while she is babysitting him, and the crows disappear into the Impassible Wilderness – a very dense forest where no one ever goes. And if anyone does go in, they don’t come out. Prue is determined to get her brother back without her parents ever knowing that he was gone, but as she’s trying to sneak into the Impassible Wilderness, she finds Curtis, who has been following her. Curtis and Prue aren’t necessarily friends in the beginning, but by the end of the book, they have both grown and learned so much. In addition to the story, there are illustrations throughout the book that have a sort of folksy feel, and really add to the atmosphere of the Impassible Wilderness. I’m still a few pages from the end, but as soon as I finish it, I’m handing it over to Toby. He’s already finished one of the books that I bought on Sunday, and I’m sure he’ll need something else to read by this weekend.

    What do you guys think about reading books marketed to YA and middle grade audiences?


2 thoughts on “Things I’m reading Thursday – Wildwood

  1. I won an advanced reader’s copy of this book. Both Peter and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading it even if it was supposed to be for young adults.
    One class that I really enjoyed in college was all about young adult fiction (it was part of my English education certification). I discovered many delightful books from that class. A good story is a good story regardless of one’s age.

    • I agree completely! I used to tell everyone that I was reading them to make sure they were appropriate for the kids to read, but really that was a big lie. First of all, I would never tell the kids that they couldn’t read something, and secondly, a good story really is a good story no matter what!

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