Five things Friday – the Potluck edition

    1. Today at work we had a cook-out/potluck/tailgate party – partly to celebrate and recognize everyone who has a birthday in October, and partly just to get together and eat and shoot the breeze. As usual, there was much more food than all of us could eat, even taking second and third helpings into consideration. A lot of the food was home-made, and some wasn’t, but that’s okay because at least everyone participated. Someone made a Milky Way cheesecake, and I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at it.

    2. I got to talk to a friend that I almost never get to see, even though the company is small. She’s not really a social butterfly, but she’s funny and super smart and just about the only other crafty person who works here. I’m glad that we got to have lunch together.

    3. We left a lot of food out on the counter in the kitchen, but I can guarantee that when I walk down to pick up my bowl before I go home, just about everything will have been eaten. The interesting thing is, no one will have seen anyone with more food. It’s as if we all become ninjas after lunch.

    4. The birthday cake was Autumn themed, and was covered in assorted plastic rings in leaf shapes. I liberated an orange maple leaf and a green tree-of-indeterminate-origin leaf. I’m wearing them while I’m typing. The other ladies are very jealous.

    5. We all need afternoon naps.


What do you have planned for the weekend? Toby’s last baseball game for the Fall season was last night, so we don’t have any big plans. I think we’ll stay home and make a big pot of soup, and maybe some homemade bread. Who’s coming over? J Have a good weekend everyone!


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