Five things Friday – the holy moly it’s almost Christmas edition

    1. Every year, I decide that I need to make presents for everyone, and every year, I am furiously crafting at the last minute. Last year, I made 9 pairs of flannel pajama pants, and was still sewing as the recipients were sitting around having a good time. I had started with two, for my nieces. But then one of my nephews decided to come along. And his mom. And Denver’s dad. And, and, and. I decided that I couldn’t make pants for some of my guests, and not all of them, so 9 pairs of pants later, I was worn out but at least everyone had new Christmas jammies. I can now make pajama pants with my eyes closed.


    2. This year, I have one project started.


    3. This year, I might only make one project.


    4. That seems very unlikely.


    5. Hopefully, the flannel will be on sale at JoAnn’s on Black Friday!


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