Five Things Friday – the Back to School edition

    In keeping with my “themed days” project, I’ve decided to have Five Things Friday. Some bloggers do 15 things on Friday, but that is exhausting to think about. I think I’d get to 7 or 8 and give up. But five seems much more attainable, and I’m going to try to have a cohesive list, thus the “edition” part of the post. Away we go!


    1. The only thing better than new school supplies is new school supplies on clearance. Honestly, I almost never need to shop for school supplies since I have tons
way more than anyone needs a few extras stashed in the sewing room. I like to keep crayons and notebooks around for the random school emergency, as well as to give the kids something to do when they just can’t think of one single other thing to do. This year I scored a great set of markers at Target for 75% off. Denver tried to convince me that I didn’t really need them, which made me wonder what I was thinking when I went to Target with him in the first place. He’s perfectly happy using the pens that his place of business buys for him. Sometimes I wonder about him.


    2. Dropping the boys off at two separate buildings in the morning is almost always an exercise in futility. If we’re all still sane at the end of the school year, I will be amazed. Besides the fact that we need to leave about 20 minutes earlier than we did last year, Mason has a new principal who absolutely does not put up with students being even one second late. In previous years, we could get there between 7:30 and 7:40 and get away with it. I think part of the problem was the car rider line, which has two lines, but does not always have two lines open. This makes a big difference. I could pull into the school driveway at 7:25, but not actually make it to the building until ten minutes later, just because the line was not moving very efficiently. This year, the line actually has been moving more smoothly, but we are still scrambling around like a flock of chickens with our heads cut off, trying to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door. Hopefully, we’ll get our routine down before the end of the year!


    3. School lunches have improved dramatically since I was in school. The kids can get a hot lunch, or a grab-and-go sandwich and fruit lunch. They also have ice cream on Fridays, and can get extra fruits and veggies or milk any day. The school uses an online lunch account system so that not only can I load money into the kids’ accounts, I can also see what they’ve been buying. No more lying about whether or not they had ice cream with lunch!


    4. EVERYONE has homework, regardless of their grade. Toby and Mason have brought home school work almost every night since First Grade. I don’t know if this is to get the parents involved, if the school day is too short, or if this is a result of federal and state mandated education requirements. Alabama students, at least in the lower grades, have PE every single day, but Music and Art one day a week, in alternating semesters. It’s really difficult for me to get behind this since I used to hate PE, but loved Art and Music class. In my opinion, it also causes problems because there are 4 classes of 17 to 25 kids in each PE class – close to 100 kids in an average school sized gym – with one teacher and one or two aides. I don’t mean to blame the PE teacher, but how can he/she be expected to control that many kids with access to basketballs? It sounds like chaos to me. But, at least there’s no homework for PE!


    5. Fund raising is out of control. In the 6 or so weeks since school has started, there have already been five fundraisers. FIVE!! One of them was just sending letters to 10 relatives/friends and asking for a $10 donation to buy technology for the school. I’m not at all opposed to the school being able to buy technology for the classrooms, but the way the school went about it seemed really sad and desperate to me. The other thing that really bothers me, though, is that I’ve never received a letter or report that states what the school is planning to do, or has done with the funds that were raised. (The PTA meetings might be the forum where this info is provided, but ever since I was tricked into going to a PTA meeting because it was advertised as the kids’ Christmas program, and the kids sang one song after a 45 minute PTA meeting, during which we all sat on the incredibly uncomfortable cafeteria table stools and our butts fell asleep, and no one could hear either the PTA president OR the kids, I’ve boycotted all other PTA meetings.) I certainly don’t think that the school is wasting the money, but I’d still like to see where the funds are going. Otherwise, I’m just going to continue to support Toby’s and Mason’s teachers individually.


    Any big plans for the weekend? Toby has a baseball game on Saturday, and then we’re thinking about going to the Demolition Derby at a local county fair. Toby is excited because, as he said this morning, his favorite things are crashes, explosions and bacon. Even more hilarious, Mason said “huh, I would have guessed video games and bacon, not crashes and bacon.”


One thought on “Five Things Friday – the Back to School edition

  1. My response, as five things, in no particular order:
    1. I really want to see the demolition derby at our county fair. It rained this year, so I don’t feel bad about missing it. I think I talked Peter into going to that for our fair “date” next year.
    2. Fifteen is a bit much. I like your five idea. I’m stealing this the next time I need blog inspiration on a Friday.
    3. Our big plan this weekend (God willing and the creek don’t rise), is to go on the Ashland County Farm Tour. I haven’t been on one since I was a kid, and I think Philip will really like it.
    4. It sounds like, if he’s not going to get on board the clearance train, maybe Denver should stay home when you go shopping at Target.
    5. I’m trying to imagine what I would have eaten if we had school lunches like you describe. Sad to say that I would have probably consumed more ice cream. This does, however, make me picture the Hayesville cafeteria and Mr. Bauer serving mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop. He had such flair. Do principals today help serve lunch?

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