Around the campfire

When we lived in Texas, we bought a camper. We used it twice before someone stole it. Pulled right up to our camper, hitched their truck up, and just drove off – not a quick feat. It sort of broke my heart, and I never wanted to camp again. Luckily, Denver didn’t give up, and a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take another shot. I told Denver that I really didn’t want to even think about it, so he promised to do all of the shopping around, find the campground, make the reservations, the whole thing. Which meant that last weekend, we went camping at Honeycomb Campground in Grant, AL. The campground is lovely – very well kept, the people are just about as friendly and accommodating and one could hope. We had a great spot right on Lake Guntersville. There is a little beach, and one can fish from the bank. There are also pontoon boats, row boats, and paddle boats for rent. We even were able to bring the dogs, although I’m not sure how excited they were about the whole thing. Over all, the trip was a great success, and I’m actually excited for next weekend, when we are trying out a different campground. We’re very lucky to have several campgrounds less than an hour away, and now that baseball is over, I’m sure we’ll be taking advantage of them.

Swimming in the lake

Brrr! Cold water!

We’re king and queen of the world!

Driving the boat

Yes, I would like s’more

Making breakfast


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