So what had happened was….

    You guys — have you noticed that I flake out – a lot – and forget to post anything? Yeah. So.

I read several blogs quite religiously, and I actually get sorta mad when there is no new post for several days. I have no business getting mad, since clearly I can’t manage to post anything here more than once a month, if that. I don’t even know why I can’t manage – I spend the majority of my time at a computer, there are several computers in my house, I can even post from my phone, for crying out loud. I have promised, I don’t even know how many times, be more mindful of this whole blogging *thing*, even if it’s only to post a picture once in awhile. I have downloaded countless blog planners, hoping that one of them will help me remember things that I can post, things that you might be interested in reading. Didn’t work. I don’t know what it’s going to take for me to keep myself focused on the blog, but I’m going to, once again, promise to try.

    In the meantime, I leave you with this: last week, Toby had a baseball game. He’s been hitting relatively well, and it hasn’t been a bad season at all, but he’s been sort of down on himself because he feels like he doesn’t do as well as the other kids, and that the coaches think he stinks. He’s much harder on himself that any one of the coaches could be, and really, the coaches are all just awesome. So, Toby gets up to bat. There are runners on 1st and 3rd. He swings at the first pitch. He probably shouldn’t have, but it doesn’t matter, because he hits the ball, which hits the dirt right in front of the second baseman, but takes a hop, and starts to roll. All the way to the fence. Toby isn’t looking at the ball, he’s looking at the base coaches, just like he should be. They wave him past first to second, then on the third. He slows down on his way to third, probably because he is sure that he was lucky to have made it that far (he does not run quickly, at all, bless his heart). But the third base coach waves him home.

Home run.

The entire dugout is on their feet, the coaches clapping and cheering and messing around like big kids themselves. The players that scored while he was running stand at home plate to give him high fives as he runs in.

He doesn’t realize it at all, but I see how the other kids talk to him, and how the coaches work with him, and I know that he may not be the best player on the team, but he’s the one that everyone looks up to because he never stops trying, never stops encouraging the other kids, never stops holding the team together. I love that kid.


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