I love paper like a love song, baby

    When it comes to buying paper, I’m on re-pea-pea-pea-pea-peat. It would be the understatement of the year to say that I have a lot of paper. It is possible that my collection is responsible for planet-wide deforestation. It’s probably a miracle that my sewing room hasn’t spontaneously combusted. Or decomposed. I’ve really been trying to rein myself in. I’ve given myself strict instructions to not buy any more paper until I run out (which would be never, in case you are still a little cloudy on that point). But then I decided to make scrapbooks for everyone in the family who spent Christmas in Gatlinburg, and that the scrapbooks should be identical, so that I could set up an assembly line, and that in order to do that, I would need to make 7 (!!) identical scrapbooks, and that despite my paper hoarding tendencies, I didn’t actually have 14 pieces of the exact same kind of paper. AT ALL. ANYWHERE. Then Hell may have frozen over, and I think a pig flew past my window, because surely, it was a day of impossible things. I did not have 14 pieces of the same kind of paper! I thought about giving up on the whole project, but I’d already ordered the pictures on-line. I toyed with the idea of getting regular photo albums, or just sending the pictures to everyone, but neither one of those options made me happy. So, with no effort at all a deep sigh a shot of whiskey great difficulty, I convinced myself that I was just going to have to buy some more paper.

    I really wanted this paper from October Afternoon, because it is completely cute and retro. It’s also good, heavy-weight paper, which I appreciate. BUT. Hobby Lobby is the only place I’ve been able to find any October Afternoon products, and of those that they carry, none are the Christmas papers. (Also, they only put a couple of items on the shelf at once, which means I have to go back every day, and that’s a little stalker-ish, even for me.) I couldn’t find it anywhere on-line either, but to be honest, as much as I love it, it would have been cost prohibitive.

    Then I found this paper at Jo Ann Fabrics on clearance I may have actually yelled “jackpot!” but there was one less than I needed, and I wasn’t that enamored of it anyway. It was starting to look rather grim: either I would have to bite the bullet and spend more money than I wanted to on a project that no one even knew about and therefore wouldn’t miss, or I was going to have to come up with Plan B.

    Right about that time, one of the ladies that I work with mentioned that there was a huge stack of paper in the supply room. Because no one used it, it was going to be thrown out, and did I want some?

Did I want some?? DID I WANT SOME?!?!?!? Does a bear poop in the woods? (The answer to both questions is “yes”, by the way.)

Some of the paper was strangely colored bond paper, which I was able to donate to Toby’s teacher, but a big percentage of the paper was heavy cardstock. Hello Plan B, so nice to meet you! I ended up with enough card stock to make about 7 two page spreads for each scrapbook, plus some extra for embellishments, picture mats, and stamping. I even donated some of the cardstock to Toby’s teacher along with the bond paper because it didn’t fit in my sewing room I knew she could use it. A win for everyone.

What have you guys been working on??



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