You can’t handle the tooth!

    A couple of weeks ago when I picked the kids up from school, Mason was so excited to tell me that he had lost his first tooth! It had been loose for ages, the parent tooth (as Mason calls it) was growing in behind it, and I was worried that he would swallow it one day without even knowing it. The tooth made it home safely, despite the fact that he dropped it in the van and was convinced that he would never see it again. He immediately dug out his tooth fairy pillow and shoved the tooth way down deep so that it wouldn’t get lost again. The best part about all of this, though, was Toby’s reaction. He wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, and asked her to give Mason $2 instead of $1, since he had lost his very first tooth. He also asked her to help Mason lose a few more teeth so that he could earn some more money. He even put a picture of a tooth on the letter. And then, he gave Mason $1 out of his own savings because he had promised to do so if Mason lost his tooth that day. Mason might just have the best big brother in the world.


One thought on “You can’t handle the tooth!

  1. So funny! My son wrote a note to the tooth fairy…he told her he “wouldn’t give her his tooth- ’cause some things are worth more than money”.
    She left money and some glitter anyway…and wrote a note explaining she understood. ; )

    PS you won!

    You won my little note card give~away~ email me privately with your address

    Becky Kelly

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