Too pooped to peep

    You guys…. You guys, I am worn out. So. Much. Baseball. So many of Toby’s games have been cancelled due to weather, I knew that he’d have to make them all up. What I didn’t know was that he’d have to make them all up within a 10 day period. Three games last week, four games this week – and that’s not even including Mason’s games! Even though the entire league has suffered from cancellations, the tournament could not (or would not, I think) be rescheduled. And since everyone plays in the tournament, regardless of their regular season record, we’re trying to get as many make up games in as possible. I shouldn’t complain since I’m not the one actually on the field, inhaling red Alabama dust and staring into the sun, but it’s wearing on all of us.

    And that is why I haven’t done anything crafty (or clean-y, or cook-y) lately. But, I’ll have something to show you soon. The last day of school is Thursday, and hopefully I will have teacher gifts to share.

    Meet you back here when baseball season is over!


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