To be honest, I don’t know if it was luck or fate or heavenly angels watching over us. What I do know is, besides some broken tree limbs and five days without power, we survived the tornadoes that destroyed much of Northern Alabama last week. The pictures coming from the news outlets are heartbreaking. Most stores are up and running – some still on generators – and ice and gas are once again in abundant supply. I feel guilty to have been so lucky, that my house is still standing, that my kids are still alive, that our power came back on Monday morning as we were cooking sausage on the propane burner, watching the laundry flap in the breeze and enjoying the sun. I have pictures and stories to share, but I almost don’t want to – compared to other families, that fact that the boys’ underwear was hanging on a line in the backyard seems a rather minor inconvenience.

Please continue to pray for the people who have lost their homes and loved ones. Donate to the Red Cross if you are able. And count your blessings.


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