Sa-wing, battah, battah, sa-wing!

Baseball season officially started on Saturday with practice for both boys.  Toby’s practice started at what seemed like the crack of dawn – 8:30 – and we were late even though I set the alarm and yelled and complained and did not obey the speed limit on the way there.  A couple of other parents were also late, but that didn’t stop me from feeling guilty.  Strangely, I didn’t recognize a single boy on Toby’s team, so I can’t even begin to make predictions as to their success this year.  I don’t know where all these boys have been playing for the past two years.  It’s as if a whole baseball team’s worth of families moved into the area over the winter.  At Toby’s age, the boys are just starting to really understand the mechanics of the game, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them play.

Mason had practice after Toby, and it was quite a sight to behold.  All those 5 year olds running around, it was more like crowd control than practice.  Still, they managed to learn some new things, and Mason finally got to wear his new cleats.  He’s been begging to wear them ever since we bought them, and I was worried that they would disappear into the land of missing shoes before he even went to practice, so I had been making up all sorts of excuses.  I’ll probably have to hide his uniform, too, or he’ll wear it to school and spill pizza sauce or something equally stain-making on it.

Pictures coming soon – provided I remember to take my camera to practice!


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