Shark Tutorial Update

So, you probably noticed that I didn’t get a tutorial posted this weekend like I thought I would. I have a totally reasonable excuse — I couldn’t figure out how to work my scanner.   You’ll be happy to know that I did finally figure it out, and I even got the pattern scanned.  But, I still didn’t get the tutorial done because once I had finally figured out the scanner, I was so disgusted with the whole computer *thing*, I didn’t touch it again all weekend.  (Never mind the fact that Toby was using it to finish up a report on George Washington.)  Next weekend, I promise!


Until then, here’s a picture of what the tutorial will be about, with my lovely assistant, just to whet your appetite:


I’m sure he would love for you to believe that it’s blood dripping from his lips, but it’s actually strawberry juice.  Don’t tell him that I told you. 


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