74, 000 Gallons

One person’s average daily water usage is about 100 gallons. Calculated for a family of four, the total monthly usage should be about 12,000 gallons. When my husband mentioned that the water bill seemed high, I didn’t really even think about it. When it comes to the utility bill, I just pay it. It’s not like a credit card, where I could dispute the charges, or return the unused electricity. But since it did seem more expensive than usual, I did some digging. Turns out, we used 74,000 gallons in January. 74,000 gallons!!! We had some guys from a local plumbing company come out and take a look. After crawling around under the house, they determined that all of the pipes were bone dry – just as they should be. Using their superior leak finding abilities, they managed to locate the leak just inside the property lines. The valve that connected the sprinklers to the main water pipe to the house had basically exploded, which meant that the water had just been gushing out underground. 74,000 gallons worth of gushing. I looked back at our previous water bills, and it looks like the pipe had been leaking more and more until it finally burst. The cost to fix it was less than our water bill, naturally. So let this be a lesson to you: always read your utility bill! And when your husband says that the grass is suspiciously green in one specific area of the yard, but it hasn’t rained in several weeks? Might want to call a plumber.


The school sponsored a Parent’s Night Out last Friday, so of course we dropped the kids off so that we could have a Valentine’s/Anniversary night on the town. I made reservations at a really classy restaurant downtown, bought a new outfit, crammed myself into a girdle, and off we went. To say I was unimpressed would be an understatement. For the money they charged, I expected a lot more. More food, more atmosphere, more romance, just… more. The restaurant is next to the Elk’s Lodge, and you’d never even know it was an restaurant if there weren’t and awning over the door. Even that isn’t a dead giveaway. Our table was one of five in a tiny room that had a folding wall on one end, and the bathrooms just outside in the hall. It was like eating in a church basement. The chairs were kind of rickety, and the waiter was extremely preoccupied. The food was good, but certainly nothing extraordinary, and I’m pretty sure that the Molten Lava Cake that I got for dessert is the same thing that Dominoes Pizza sells, 2 for $4.99. The whole experience was disappointing, and I feel like we wasted our Parent’s Night Out. I want a do-over!


Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have a wonderful evening with whomever you choose to spend it. Just don’t order the Lava Cake.



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