Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On Saturday, we all decided to hit the thrift stores, and see what bargains we could find. The boys were maybe not as excited about this adventure as I was, but they were forced to tag along nonetheless.  My hope was to find a dresser for the boys since the dresser they have is both falling apart, and too small to hold all of their clothes.  Naturally, we didn’t find anything that was just right, at least in the dresser category, but I did luck into some knitting needles, paper punches, and craft books.  The boys also each got a Beanie baby – 10 cents each! – so they were happy at the end of the day.   We didn’t even scratch the surface of the thrift stores here, so maybe we’ll venture out again next weekend.


In the same vein, I’ve been holding on to a couple of sweaters, with the intent of unraveling them and reusing the yarn.  I finally decided to attempt it this weekend, while I was pretending that the bathroom didn’t need to be cleaned.   There are several tutorials around the internet that describe the process, and it didn’t seem that difficult.  Which, of course, was my downfall.   Truthfully, it isn’t difficult, it’s just tedious and fiddly and time-consuming.  I have one sweater about half unraveled, and the yarn is a really fine weight.  I think I will go ahead and measure and wash it, and then decide if I can actually make something else out of it, or if I should just hide it all at the bottom of the trash can and pretend that I didn’t lose a week of my life.  As it is, I’ll be picking tiny bits of blue yarn out of the carpet (and Henry’s fur) for months.  I do hope that I can reuse the yarn, not just because I will have spent so much time on it, but because the whole process of recycling yarn appeals to me.  Imagine all of those thrift store sweaters out there!  Wish me luck!



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