Happy New Year!

It’s rainy and gloomy here today, something I wasn’t expecting. (Not that I have any control over the weather.) It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to start a big pot of soup, snuggle up in some flannel pajamas, and nap on the couch. It’s also the kind of weather that makes me pensive. I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and whether or not it’s worth it to keep it up. I mean, I’m intermittent with posting, I don’t have any sort of common theme with my posts, and my goal to take over the blog world with my crafty skills STILL had not been achieved.


So, I have some options, I guess. I could try to pick a theme and stick to it, I could give up the blog altogether, or I could keep on keepin’ on. My initial plan with this blog was to send crafty goodness out into the world, but the truth is, I do several different kinds of crafts, so my posts would still be random and theme-less. Also, I have so many projects going on at any one time, it could be months from beginning to end of one project. I could change to an “all about the boys” theme, because believe me, they are a blog unto themselves, but I’d rather be talking TO them than ABOUT them.


Giving up is not usually in my nature, as I’m rather stubborn and persistent. (Although you wouldn’t know it, given the number of random, unfinished projects in my sewing room.) I don’t want to give up on the blog since it’s the only way that a lot of people ever get to see the kids, or my projects, or find out the news in my corner of the world.


Which leaves the keep on keepin’ on option. I’m not terribly opposed to that, I just don’t want to lose any readers because I’m such a flakey blogger. So, here’s my New Year’s blog resolution: Post two entries every week – one crafty (Wednesdays), and one random (Saturdays). Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick (more or less) to it, and you will all have something (more or less) interesting and delightful to read at least two times a week. How’s that grab ya?


Starting…… NOW!



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. You do what you need… However, Missy has this teacher friend who does posting of her 2 boys…I really enjoy her blogs. She has pictures of all kinds of activities they do and things that are happening in their lives. I would like to see more of that since I’m so far away and miss out on alot the boys do.

  2. I vote for continuing the blog! The posts should be about whatever suits your fancy. I love reading about the projects, the boys, and your thoughts. Who says the posts have to fit a specific mold or have to occur on specific days? Quite honestly, I feel guilty when the number of new posts outpace my chance to check the blog.

  3. My vote is for you to continue the blog. I love the stories of projects in work as well as others you’ve finished. My enjoyment extends to pretty much all the content because it’s like sitting down and chatting with you, with me laughing out loud and topics changing quickly and back again. I’d say post when you have something to share.

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