How long can you tread water?

Last Monday morning started like any other morning – which is to say that we were late getting out the door.  Or so I thought.  When I pulled in to the school to drop the kids off, the parking lot was deserted, and there was only one car in the drop-off line.  There was a child getting in to the car, not out of it.  I was getting really confused.  Was it actually time to go home?  Had we all overslept AND managed to re-set the clocks accordingly?   I stopped in the parking lot and checked my voice mail, since occasionally the school will send out mass messages, and low and behold: school was delayed by two hours due to flooding.    So, I turned around and drove back home.  Luckily, the school is literally just outside our subdivision, so at least it wasn’t a long drive.  Luckier still, although it continued to rain all day, the flood waters evidently receded far enough for all of the buses to get through, and there were no further delays.  Which doesn’t explain why, after a couple of hours sitting around watching cartoons, we were STILL late getting out the door.  Sigh.

As I mentioned, my mom, dad, and sister visited for Thanksgiving and Toby’s birthday.  I managed to get everything baked, carved, cooked and dished out, with a lot of help from my mom, and especially my sister.  (Thanks, Missy!!)  After the meal, I talked Mom and Missy into some felt bird/tree ornament crafting.  Although I’m not convinced that either of them actually wanted to, they both made some really cute birds, and then took them home, so I don’t have pictures, but here’s the one that I made:

I intend to give it away as part of an ornament exchange at work, and given the works-in-progress that I have on my plate, I probably won’t get another made for my own tree.  (I actually had to take this picture with my phone since I neglected to take one with my camera before I packed it up to bring to work, so, sorry about the image quality.)  I’m actually really happy with the way it turned out, even though the sequins don’t quite meet around the neck, and the glue is kinda globby where I attached the clothespin.  Hopefully, whomever receives it at the gift exchange will be equally as pleased!


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