Where for are thou, knitting needle?

So, deep in the middle of my mad rush to get Christmas presents done, one of my knitting needles has gone walkabout, and I’m quite annoyed. I have only one set of size 10 straight needles, and even though I could theoretically finish the project on either the size 10 circulars or the size 10 double points, I don’t want to. I feel like that other needle should get its act together and get back into my knitting basket. Clearly, it does not understand the extreme level of Christmas crafting mania that has gripped me. Yes, I could go to Hobby Lobby and buy another set (even though I really shouldn’t because you know I can’t leave Hobby Lobby with just one thing and there is a 40% off coupon this week). Yes, I could use one of the other size 10 needles that I have. I could cram an eraser on the end of one of the double pointed needles so that my stitches don’t slip off the end. I could even transfer the whole thing to circular needles, even though I don’t have the best relationship with them, having been almost strangled at least twice. (On a side note, did you know that knitting needles are allowed on aircraft? Have you ever seen a set of circular needles? You could totally kill, or at least maim, someone with them. Just sayin’.) The point is, those needles and I had a contract to finish this project in time to mail it out for Christmas, and they have defaulted on the contract. I have no recourse but to stare at the lone remaining needle, hoping that my sheer force of will can convince the other needle to roll out from under the couch – or wherever it is hiding – so that I can finish this dang project! The humanity!

Meanwhile, I do have other projects to work on, so it isn’t as if I actually completed everything way ahead of schedule like I had planned way back in January. I have my Christmas cards almost completed, although I made them more complicated than they needed to be. Of course. I used 110# card stock, so they will probably weigh more than an ounce and I’ll have to brave the crowd at the Post Office to get special postage. Then again, I may not even get them done, and I’ll be mailing some ugly dollar store cards at midnight on Christmas Eve. Ack!! Christmas overload!! Must. Take. Breath.

Phew! That was close. Now, if I just had some nice mulled wine….

Seriously, though, I know the posts have been few and far between lately, and will probably continue to be so until after New Year’s (except that I’ll be spending Christmas in the Fifth Circle of Hell, and so I might be posting every hour or so, just to keep my sanity).  Please go listen to this.  I sang this song when I was in choir in college, and it still give me chills.

Merry Christmas!


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