Turkey and stuffing and green beans, oh my!

I’ve been rather stressed out these past few days, and I know that I do it to myself, and knowing is half the battle, right? Yeah, not really. No matter how much I plot and plan, I still can’t seem to manage all of the things that I think I should. Which is why the turkey is still frozen, I’m using store-bought pie dough, and the house still looks like it was hit by Hurricane Toby and Hurricane Mason. Hopefully, my family, due to arrive this afternoon, will be able to overlook all of that (or at least talk about it out of ear-shot) and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend!

I have some crafty things planned for all of us to work on this weekend, since none of us are really into the whole Black Friday shopping extravaganza. The boys usually like to help out, so I have a couple of projects for them, too. I’m going to cover the table in brown kraft paper and let them color a place setting for each person. So much easier than a fancy table cloth that I know will get stained and sticky anyway. No matter one’s age, the lure of brand new Crayolas is impossible to ignore, so maybe I can even get Grandpa to help out.

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


One thought on “Turkey and stuffing and green beans, oh my!

  1. First, why would you go shopping? You make gifts that are far more beautiful than anything purchased in store.
    Coloring place settings for everyone is a fantastic idea! I hope it turned out well. Do you remember the italian restaurant in Spokane that used butcher paper on the tables and put out crayons. It was impossible to not scribble, doodle, and draw pictures.
    P.S. Donna E. would be proud of you for using packaged pie crusts. 🙂

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