A cluttered sewing room

Is the sign of a over-extended crafter.  I have cast on and torn out the same project several times, only to decide that I didn’t really want to make it anyway, and the only reason I had even started it was because I’d gotten a good deal on the yarn.   I will make something with it,  I just don’t know what, and since Christmas is fast approaching, now is not the time to decide.  Actually, the good yarn deal wasn’t the only reason that I’d started it – the other reason is that in my wrecked sewing room, the only thing I can find with a reasonable degree of success is the yarn.  Or, at least, some of it.  Like the skein that I just got a good deal on.


Now, it’s time to clean up and organize everything so that I can find whatever I need, when I need it.  I’m a crafter who packs things away, convinced that I will find a use for it someday.  This is crazy, and I know it, but there you have it.  This is why organizing takes me far longer than it should – I’m always finding things that I forgot that had, and then I have to remember why I bought it, whether or not I ever intend to actually finish that particular project, and if not, can I use it for something else?  The answer is almost always “yes”.   Because I know that the day after I get rid of something is the day that I’ll find the perfect use for it.  It never fails.  It’s like crafting karma.


The good news in all of this is that once I’m done with the organizing, I’ll have room to start (and hopefully finish) the projects that I already have lined up for Christmas gifts.  Some of them don’t involve yarn AT ALL!  Very exciting, I know.  I’m practically clapping my hands in glee!


Now, if I can just get someone to clean the rest of the house….



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