It’s in the bag

I finally finished (and mailed) the bags that I’ve been working on. My mom has promised to sell them, but I’m sort of hoping that she doesn’t so that I can give them away. It feels sort of weird to send them out into the world on their own. So without further ado, here they are:



I drew the owl and traced it onto the polka dot fabric, then used turquoise embroidery floss to outline it.  I just about went dizzy staring at the polka dots, but managed.













For this bag, I used the new Clover brand flower-shaped yo-yo makers, and they were sort of a pain in the butt, and I think I read the instructions a dozen times before I figured out how to actually use them, but I’m happy with the results.













For this bag, I embroidered the coffee cups, then colored the fabric with regular crayons and ironed it between two sheets of paper to draw out the extra wax.  Supposedly, this also made the color permanent, but I didn’t actually test it.
















I think this one is my favorite.   The owl is appliqued wool felt, with black baby buttons for eyes.  I have another yard of the owl print, so I just have to find something to do with it.
















In other news, the boys are going trick-or-treating tonight, and it’s supposed to be about 45 degrees, so it’s a good thing that their costumes have long pants and sleeves – I’ll be able to dress them in lots of hidden layers.

Happy Halloween!


One thought on “It’s in the bag

  1. All four bags are very cute and each one is distinctly different. You are amazing. How do you fit so many crafty ideas in your head? Instead of four different yet equally awesome ideas, I would still be trying to make one idea turn out well. I hope these bags are stamped somewhere to indicate they are Gwendy originals.

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