Tute your own horn

When it comes to crafty tutorials (“tutes” in the internet vernacular), I think I’ve seen just about all of them. If you want to learn something, chances are that you can find the “how” on-line somewhere. But as I’ve been surfing the tutorials, I’ve noticed that I am a tutorial snob. Sometimes I see the project, and I think, “really? There are people who don’t already know how to do that? How is that even possible?”


And then I think, why don’t they know how? Didn’t anyone ever teach them? Aren’t they embarrassed that they don’t know how to thread elastic into a waistband/hand sew a blind hem/replace buttons? Are they just throwing those clothes away? How much are they paying someone else to do it for them? I’m actually embarrassed for them. I read the tutorials and ponder the downfall of sewing society.


I guess everything comes and goes and comes back and goes again, and maybe sewing is one of those things. When I was little my mom made a lot of my clothes, including my underwear, and I remember that I wanted something store-bought so badly. Then I started making my own clothes, and regardless of how badly they turned out, I was still proud of myself for having tackled the pattern. These days, I’m making fewer clothes and more accessories, but the skills I learned while making those clothes have come in handy. In fact, I made my mom some pajamas for her birthday this year, and even if she only wore them while I was visiting over the summer, and wished that I’d bought them instead of made them, I’m still glad that I had the skills to make them.


Whew! Things are getting kinda heavy. So I’ll link you to this cute little video, guaranteed to make you laugh, and I’ll go write some tutorials.


(Thanks Mom for making me stay in 4-H longer than I wanted to, and sorry I was such a brat about the underwear with the weird iron-on garden gnome (and don’t pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about).)



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