First day of school and crafty things

Today was Mason’s first day of Kindergarten, which is ridiculous because there’s no way five years have passed since that little blue eyed boy arrived. But they have, it seems, and here’s the proof:


I have no idea why Toby looks constipated, I think he thinks too hard about smiling, and ends up grimacing instead.


And here’s what I sent my sister for her birthday:


She picked out the two fabrics, and took care of the rest. I tucked a bunch of little surprises into all of the pockets, too. (Is it wrong that I hope she takes it to work and all of her teacher friends are totally jealous and offer me exorbitant amounts of money to make one for them??) I’m quite proud of how it turned out, I hope she likes it.


That’s all for today, it’s 100 degrees here, and even though we have a/c, just thinking about it wears me out!



2 thoughts on “First day of school and crafty things

    • Mom wants me to make some for the Hospice craft bazaar. I don’t know when it is, but as soon as I find out, I’ll let you know, if you’re interested.

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