Put me in, Coach, I’m ready to play!

Your regularly scheduled blog post has been interrupted to bring you this important news flash: Toby has now lost both top teeth!


In other news, Toby lost his baseball cap, and I was forced to fashion him a new one with some felt, a Sharpie, and some bubble gum. (Okay, I really used glue, but the bubble gum makes a better story, no?)

The delay of the first event, combined with the necessity of the second event, worked together to produce (drum roll, please) the best two baseball games of the season! Can I get a “woo hoo!”?

On Monday night, the boys played the other team from their school. I was keeping the score book, and looked up to see the boy at bat smack a high pop fly straight at Toby. When what to my wondering eyes did appear??? An out! Toby caught the ball! I was screaming and clapping, and I’m pretty sure the other moms were prepared to catch me if I should faint. It. Was. Awesome. Then, he was up to bat. And he hit it! (I should say that he’s been in sort of a slump. As in, he hasn’t hit the ball during a game for the entire season.) He actually made it to second, but the third out was called and he had to come back into the dugout. And then? He caught another pop fly! And turned a grounder into another out when he threw it to the first baseman! People, I was all verklempt. AND THEN??!!?? The coach gave him the game ball. Forget about verklempt, I was practically weeping by then. It was an emotional game. Phew.

So, anyway, there was another game on Tuesday night, and it was also a heart breaker. We almost thought we would have to forfeit because we didn’t have enough kids to play, but the last boy showed up just in time. But, we still only had 7 boys, and that of course meant that we didn’t have a short stop, or centerfielder, so the boys tried to play everywhere. They played their hearts out! Toby scored twice, and would have scored a second time, but was tagged out on his way to third. In the last inning, Toby tried to catch a pop fly, and I thought he had it, but he dropped it, then picked it up and threw it to first. They didn’t get the out, but poor Toby – the ball had hit his hand and he was hurt, but he didn’t say anything until the coach noticed that something was wrong. The three coaches, and the entire team, ran over to Toby to make sure he was okay. I am so proud of those boys! They haven’t won a game all season, but they’ve never let it get them down, and they care enough about each other to be worried when someone is hurt. They all try so hard, and show up to every practice and every game. One boy even skips to the plate every time he’s up to bat. I think they’ve learned more by losing than by winning, and that’s not a bad thing at all.



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