Don’t lick that!

I’ve spent the day making copies, collating the copies, reorganizing, stacking, and counting the copies, and I’m worn out. In fact, since I have the regrettable habit of licking my finger and using said finger to help turn the pages, I’ve probably overdosed on copier toner. I’m afraid to look at my tongue and see whether or not it is black.


Toby has a baseball game this Saturday, but the weather man is calling for thunderstorms (Yoo hoo thunderstorms!! Here stormy, stormy, stormy!!), and so I’m expecting the game will be cancelled. Never fear, it will be rescheduled, probably at 7:30 on a school night, because it’s always a good idea to keep a 7 year old hyped up on juice boxes and out past his bed time during the week. It’s awesome. But other than that… I’ve been so proud of Toby this season. He still gets distracted during the game sometimes, but he always listens to the coaches. In fact, the coaches seem to have really taken to him, and are constantly trying to help him, something I don’t always see them doing with the other kids. He’s playing 2nd base this year, and one of his good friends is playing 1st. They are quite the unstoppable duo. They haven’t won a game, and honestly, I don’t know if they ever will, but they are all (so far) still cheerful and having fun, and really, that’s all I want for him.


I just finished reading “Shutter Island”, and it was quite a page turner. There is a surprise ending, though, and I’m conflicted about it. I already knew that there was a surprise ending, although I didn’t know what the surprise would be. But somehow, it didn’t live up to my expectations. It was kind of disappointing, actually, and I’m not sure why. Hmmm. Well, I was going to recommend the book, but now I don’t know if I should. In fact, I’ve been meaning to add a “books I’ve read” list on this blog somewhere, but (1) I don’t know how, and (2) I read a lot. I mean, all the time. And I can’t even keep track of books that I’ve read. I surf quite frequently because the first few pages of many books are available to be read, and I can usually decide in those first few pages whether or not I want to read the book. So when I go to the library or book store and read the cover blurbs, I’m never sure if I’ve read the book, or just decided that I wanted to read it. Or if I already own it. Which I usually do. I started to reorganize my bookshelves last weekend because they were in danger of collapsing under their own weight, and I could only see the books that were stacked along the edges and/or had fallen on my toes. Anyway, after an hour or so, I made a little progress, but then I determined that there just isn’t enough shelf space for all of the books I own, ever after I made a stack of books to give away/trade in. It’s very difficult for me to decide to trade in books because some of them are like old friends, and some of them deserve to be read over and over, and some of them are waiting for the boys to be old enough to read, like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Where the Red Fern Grows” (I was such a mess at the end of that book!). Maybe starting a list will help me get organized. Although if my usual penchant for totally ignoring my lists is any indication, probably not. (I do love me some lists, but I don’t so much love doing the things on them.) What are you guys reading?



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