Every other day of the week is fine, yeah.

Considering that it is Monday, I was in a relatively good mood this morning. And then I got up. Ha! Just kidding, I was in a good mood until I got to work, where I was once again privileged to hear Mr. Condescension talking to his wife regarding her taking some college classes – or so I’m guessing, based on what I heard. He seemed rather against her taking classes, and went so far as to intimate that she wouldn’t be able to do it “with a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old”. At which point I was sorely tempted to stand up and throw something at him. Umm, yeah, the 9-year-old and 5-year-old?? YOUR KIDS, TOO, you self-important jerk!!! Really, I was steaming. In fact, I’m getting angry all over again, just thinking about it. Deep breaths…. Deep breaths…..


At what point is it okay to say, well, she married him and I didn’t, so I should let it go, and at what point is it okay to stand up and throw things? That’s a tough one for me. My husband, bless his little pea-pickin’ heart, does not talk to me like that. I’m not sure if it’s my refusal to put up with that sort of crap, or if he sees me as an equal. Maybe a little of both. I hope it is mostly the latter, although anyone who knows me well will tell you that I don’t suffer fools lightly. (Why is that a bad trait for women, by the way, and not for men? Oh wait, that’s a different post altogether….) The point, I guess, is that I should mind my own beeswax and try not to get riled up about someone else’s relationship, my perception of which is based on a one-sided phone conversation. Which reminds me, I should put my earplugs in….


Speaking of which – a thousand blessings on whomever invented earbuds. They block most peripheral noise, and I can therefore ignore all of conversations going on around me that usually distract me. Although, I have to say, that it’s sort of like having someone whispering in your ear, so there are some songs that I just can’t listen to – Panama, by Van Halen, for instance. There is one part where David Lee Roth talks rather than sings, and it gives me chills every time. But not the good kind. The only other bad thing is that sometimes the earbuds block outside noise so well, people have been able to sneak up on me, and it’s a small miracle that I haven’t had a heart attack or something. (And by “or something”, I mean “peed a little”, because once you’ve been pregnant….. well, you ladies know what I mean….)


I started working – again – on a sweater that I’ve been making for Mason. In fact, he even told me, “you’ve been working on that forever!” Yeah, my own kid is making fun of my inability to finish projects. I’d say I’m about 40% done. Although it occurs to me that I forgot to make button holes. I wonder what I was planning? I do this all the time – I work through the whole project in my mind, get about half of it done, then put it down for awhile. When I pick it up again, I have no idea what I had planned, because of course I never write it down, and then when I’m about 95% done, I remember. By then, it’s too late to go back, and after much rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth, I manage to cobble everything together, and the only one who even notices is me. Although, I have this overwhelming compulsion to point out those mistakes to everyone, lest they think that I actually know what I’m doing, and ask me to make something for them. So really, I guess it’s all my crafty defense mechanism keeping me from starting even more projects that I won’t be able to finish in a timely, mostly correct, manner.


My hairdresser/stylist/beautician (what’s the politically correct term? I don’t even know.) just called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow. Finally! I had to color my hair on my own – which is much cheaper, granted, but also much less likely to look natural. Also, it seems like Miss Clairol really doesn’t cover grey, despite her promises to the contrary. In fact, I have one mean ol’ white hair right in the center of my head that sticks straight up. Like a signal flag – over here all you white hairs!! This is the place to be!! Stupid white hair and its stupid friends. Like Scarlett said, I’ll think about it tomorrow.


Have a good week everybody!



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