Storming the Castle

I don’t watch a lot of TV – or at least, not as much as I used to. Partly because I don’t have as much free time as I once did, and partly because there isn’t much that I actually want to watch. I mean, I like American Idol, but the fact that they manage to draw it out for three nights a week really annoys me. Most of the time is wasted with inane bantering from the judges, and awkward looks from the contestants. Anyway… one show that I would like to plug here is “Castle”. The main character, Richard Castle, is a mystery writer who just happens to be shadowing a homicide detective, and of course, much solving of mysteries and general hijinks ensue. The show may not be breaking any new ground as far as story lines, but Castle has great relationships with his mother and teen-aged daughter, both of whom are strong, smart women, as well as with the detective, also a strong, smart woman. But my favorite part? (Besides Nathan Fillion, I mean, because he’s a hunk!) The references to correct usage of the English language. Seriously. How big of a geek does this make me? So, an entertaining show AND grammar lessons. How could that be bad?


And also Nathan Fillion. Did I mention that he’s a hunk?

Which randomly reminds me… my husband bought a Playstation 3 just before Christmas (“But it’s a Blue Ray player!”, he tells me), and I bought him “Serenity” on Blue Ray for Christmas. I bought that particular movie partly because I liked it, and partly because I didn’t remember anything in it being particularly offensive, and therefore maybe appropriate for the boys to watch. (“Serenity” is based on the TV show “Firefly”, which was sadly cancelled before its prime, but nonetheless has a rabid fan base lucky enough to convince the Powers That Be that the world needed a movie based on the “Firefly” story. You should check out both the show and the movie if you are into space cowboys.) So, imagine my surprise and delight when the aforementioned Nathan Fillion appears shirtless. Who knew that the small of a man’s back could be so, umm, well…. Look, my mom reads this blog, and I don’t want to embarrass either one of us, okay? Suffice it to say, Nathan is *my* imaginary boyfriend. The rest of you ladies will just have to get your own.



2 thoughts on “Storming the Castle

  1. Yes, I usually do read your Blog, and I usually find it quite interesting, enjoyable and especially hillarious. I also tend to agree with most things you have to say (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree). Anyways, I also strongly agree with you in your choice of TV star men. Let me just say, “He could park his shoes under my bed any time.” Don’t forget to watch, he will be joining me in my living room tonight!

  2. Where was I in February (oh, wait, don’t answer that!). Anyway, agree he’s gorgeous. I’m adding CASTLE to my NetFlix account (I love NetFlix…perfect for the procrastinator). Also adding Firefly and Serenity so I can check them out since I don’t do TV, There have been a couple of programs over the past few years that have risen (or sunk?) to my attention.

    PS – I get the language thing…you’re not as much of a geek as you think you are.

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