Top Secret!

Either I’m getting old and crotchety, or I’ve developed super hearing. Whatever it is, I’ve also come down with a bad case of shut-your-pie-hole-itis. There is a Top Secret conference room behind my desk at work – I’m not being facetious, it really is Top Secret – and there has been a meeting going on in there all of last week and this week. I understand the reason that the meeting is TS, and I really don’t care what they are all doing in there. What I care about is their complete and total lack of manners, and the belief that they are the only people in the room. I know I complain about the noise level at work all of the time, further evidence of my crotchety-ness, I suppose, but lately, it’s all I can do to not stand up and start throwing things. They’ve also taken over the break room fridge, and labeled all of their goodies so that no one else takes them. I don’t think that my co-workers are so untrustworthy that they would help themselves to whatever random things are in the fridge, but evidently the TS people also have TS water, not to be touched by the unwashed masses who don’t have clearance. And then…. On Friday, the Woman (she either is in charge, or thinks she is) asked for the following supplies: sticky notes, high lighters, push pins, 3X5 note cards (primary colors) and assorted colors of yarn. I almost stood up and told her that Hobby Lobby didn’t open until 9, but I refrained. I mean, really? Yarn? I suppose she was making some sort of chart and wanted the yarn to connect different cards, but come on. People here do not normally have yarn at their desks, unless it is in the form of a knit cozy to carry the whiskey. (I’m kidding. Kinda.) Anyway, I am hopeful that this meeting will finish up soon and I can get back to complaining about the regular noisemakers.


I cannot even believe that I’m about to say this, but I am voluntarily going back to the 5th Circle of Hell for a long weekend in March to visit with some friends, some of whom I have not seen for 6 years. Six years seems like both a very long time, and hardly any time at all. When I said goodbye to these girls, Toby was about 10 months old, we had two completely different cars, my husband was in school full-time, and I was very nervous about starting a new job. Not to mention, I was leaving behind some of the best friends I’ve ever had. We used to get together once a month or so to make something crafty, eat, and visit. We made some rather interesting (ugly) crafts, ate a lot of good food, and kept the office Christmas party running three or four years in a row. We made breakfast tacos for a fundraiser (more than once), held “Kiss the Dog” contests, and coordinated all of the office social events. We even made table favors and door prizes for every Christmas party. We were the Chic Clique – have glue guns, will travel. I like to think that the office wasn’t the same without us, although we left behind all of our notes and recipes. Although I’ve already bought plane tickets, I think I could fly there on my own wing, I’m so giddy with anticipation! Watch out San Antonio! The Chics are on their way!


I recently posted about the depressing lack of musical education that my fellow karate students exhibited. I’ve been combing through my mental files, trying to come up with a playlist that I could take to class, but for some reason, I can’t think of more than a few songs. I want songs that are loud and fast. It’s hard to spar with someone when “Every Rose has its Thorn” is playing in the background. But I also want to pick songs that are representative of the bands, even though the other students probably wouldn’t know the difference. And I sorta want to impress the instructor with my totally awesome musical taste. I know that’s crazy, but it’s true, nonetheless. So, suggestions anyone? I’m thinking late 70s and 80s hard rock, AC/DC, Van Halen, Ozzy, maybe even some early 90s. Something with a beat that you can spar to.  We are currently listening to the same mix CDs over and over, and one has the Super Mario Bros theme song, followed by the Dancing Hamster song, which is a Roger Miller song at double speed. Now, I love me some Roger Miller, but breaking into a hoe down in the middle of a sparring match is highly frowned upon. Help me out!


In crafty news – not much going on. I’m still fighting with the Bucilla kit, and I’d say I’m maybe 65% done. The actual sewing and embroidering is still manageable, but whomever wrote the instructions ought to be forced to make charts with yarn and note cards. I’m not kidding – I need a translator, and I’m pretty sure I’m reading the English version. So far, the most useful part of the instructions has been “do not cut out all of the pattern pieces at once”, which is the first sentence. The remaining two pages are gibberish. I’m also not sure how they determined the amount of embroidery floss to include, because even following their recommended usage, I’m going to run out of some colors, and have way too much of others. Nevertheless, I do think I will get it done in time for Christmas, or maybe even the intended recipient’s birthday. I’m so determined to get this thing done, despite the evil delaying plot concocted by the instructions and the floss, that I haven’t started any other projects. What have you guys been working on?



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