David Lee who??

    So, the other night at karate, one of the guys asked me, “Who is David Lee Roth?  Because people keep telling me that I look like him.”  Beyond the fact that he really doesn’t look like David Lee Roth at all…..  WHAT?!?!?!  I said, “Ummm, he’s the lead singer for Van Halen.  You know who that is, right?”  He said that yes, he did, but I’m not sure that I believed him.   The instructor is about the same age as I am, and when I explained the depressing lack of musical education that the other student had, he also shook his head in shock  and dismay.  I keep intending to bring some Van Halen to class, since we listen to loud music (to better mask the shrieks of pain, I suppose) while attempting to beat the crap out of each other, but I can’t find the CD that I could have sworn was floating around the house somewhere.   It has become my mission to provide a musical education to the rest of the class, since they evidently live under rocks.  And are also 15 years (or more) younger than I am.  Oh, the humanity!


                Normally I avoid hand sewing at all costs.  I don’t know why I hate it so much, but I do.  Maybe it’s the endless hemming and buttons that I sewed for 4-H projects that were always behind schedule, or maybe it’s the way the thread always tangles no matter how many times I let it hang down and untwist itself, or maybe it’s the annoyance that my mom figured out how to sew on buttons with her sewing machine, and I never have.  Whatever it is, I think I’m getting over it.  You see, I bought some wool felt to make a project for Christmas that I naturally did not get done (or even started) in time.  But I couldn’t stop admiring the wool felt.  Compared to the nasty acrylic felt that I used to make Toby’s Frankenstein head for Halloween, it is gorgeous.  No uneven thicknesses, no unidentifiable things woven into it,  and no wonky edges.  Then, in my Great Sewing Room Reorganization of ’10, I found several patterns for sewing kits and other small things made from wool felt.  The first one was a mushroom, with a space for scissors and needles.  No thread, though, so I’m a little confused as to what you would sew and/or cut with this, but here it is: 


The original showed the mushroom in red and white, but I loved the 70s retro brown and orange.  (I think my mom used to have kitchen canisters in a brown and orange mushroom theme.)  The other pattern that I made was also for a sewing kit, but I’m not as happy with this one.  For some reason, the blanket stitch was just giving me all sorts of problems, and I don’t know how many times I pulled it out and started over.  It’s not terrible, but I think this will remain as a prototype, and if I ever intend to give one away, I’ll know what to do better next time. 


The tooth fairy pillow that I posted earlier was my own pattern, and I thought he turned out well, even though his uneven eyes make him look a little shady. 


And finally, I started on one of those Bucilla kits that I thought would be easy until I opened the package and nearly fainted from the sheer number of pieces that have to be sewn together.  Not to mention the beads and sequins.  I would show it to you, but I’m hoping to give it away for Christmas.  (See how early I’ve started?  I’m quite proud of myself.)  Hopefully I’ll actually finish it, and not fling it into the corner of the sewing room, hoping that the dogs will drag it off, so that I’ll never have to look at it again.


                   The point of all of this is that hand sewing is not so bad when it’s something that I actually want to do and not something that I have to do.  Which I guess is true of just about everything.


                Except cleaning the toilets.  I never want to do that.


4 thoughts on “David Lee who??

  1. I like the Tooth Fairy’s eyes…he looks like the friendly sort. And I would also compliment you on the use of the brown felt. The white would have been too stark. My ignorance abounds, but what is a Bucilla kit?

  2. It appears the posting time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is completely bizarre. Or it could be something I’ve never noticed before and is completely normal in blogland.

  3. I’m impressed that you are still doing karate! I bet that guy didn’t know The Who before yesterday’s halftime show.

    Loved the Toothfairy pattern! The second sewing kit is very cute on the outside. I originally thought it was a child’s wallet, but that wouldn’t be very practical in felt.

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