O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

     I feel like I may be the last person in the neighborhood to put up the Christmas tree. Everywhere I look, there are lights and yard ornaments and other assorted holiday paraphernalia. Except, of course, at my house. So last night the boys and I dug in got the house decorated. I bought two small foyer trees so each of the boys had one to decorate. The salt-dough ornaments we made last year aren’t green and moldy, so there were plenty to decorate their trees.

     We do actually have lights to put up outside, but that’s my husband’s bailiwick, and so I don’t know if they will make it up or not. When we lived in The Fifth Circle of Hell, we had a very steep front yard, so it was impossible to use a ladder to hang up lights. This did not stop my husband, however. He just whipped the string of lights around like a lasso, and flung it at the trees. He should have been a cowboy.

     Can you believe that it is only 16 days until Christmas? There are so many things that I intended to make for people for gifts.  (I did get Mason’s hat done, though he wanted to wear it immediately.) 

     I even have most of the supplies. I don’t know what I’ve been doing that has prevented me from getting everything done. I decided not to make my cards this year, although I would like to, simply because I’d rather make something that I know will be used again and again rather than thrown away (hopefully). I’m going to have to just buckle down and do it. Right after I put up the tree.

     I’m trying to decide what kind of cookies to make this year. (For Santa, of course, not me.) The boys and I made gingerbread men this past weekend, and I was very unhappy with how they turned out. The dough was way too soft and sticky to roll out, and I had to work so much flour into it to even get any cookies cut out, that the cookies ended up tough and flat. Of course, no one really minds but me. This doesn’t stop me from being really disappointed, though. It was a new recipe, and so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I have a great recipe for sour cream cut-outs, so maybe we’ll make those. And then what? I also want to make some sweet rolls and quick breads for gifts. I may have to dedicate one day next weekend to crafts, and one day to baking. It makes me feel warm and cozy, being so domestic. 

     I bought two wool sweaters and one wool jacket at the thrift shop with the intent of throwing them in the washer and felting them. I’m not sure about the jacket, since I couldn’t find a tag on it anywhere indicating the fiber content, but it certainly feels like wool. One of the sweaters is cashmere, and I’m really interested to see how it comes out. I have plans for this felt, so I hope it turns out.

     And how could I forget! Toby turned 7 the weekend before last. He promised to behave like an older boy, but so far, it’s questionable.


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