My work here is done

It is approximately 2 degrees above arctic at my desk, and my knock-off pashmina is not even beginning to keep me warm.  I would be tempted to go buy a sweater at lunch, except I am already wearing a sweater.  This would be a perfect opportunity for a snuggly – or whatever those weird blanket-with-sleeves things are called.  You know, the things that no one would be caught dead wearing to a football game, but are advertised for that exact use nonetheless?  Yeah, those things.  If I didn’t already have a zillion projects on my list, I’d just knit myself one.  Right after I knit myself those fingerless gloves that I’ve needed since last winter when it was the same temperature, different desk.


Speaking of knitting, I managed to attach the sleeves to the  baby sweater, and crochet an edging along the button edge.  I’m not that happy with how the sleeves turned out, but overall, it’s not a bad little sweater.  I have to attach the hood and the buttons, and it will be done!  I’ve put off the hood until the end because it doesn’t look like it’s going to fit, exactly, and the pattern is from the Lion yarn website, so there aren’t any helpful illustrations.  Also, the books I have that illustrate seaming assume that the pieces that need to be sewn together are actually flat, so that the edges are to be butted up against each other, rather than pinned right sides together, as if they were being sewn by machine.   Well, I have two sleeves and a hood, which have defied all of my efforts to butt their edges up against the arm holes and neck line, respectively.  I thought that knitting in several rectangles and sewing it together would be easier than knitting in the round.  Ha!  Once again my quest for the easy way out has turned around and bitten me quite rudely in the behind.    To sum (seam) up….   Sewing the pieces together has turned out to be the most difficult and lip biting part of the whole project.  But, it’s almost done!  And luckily, even though Baby was early, I think she’s still plenty small enough to fit into it (fingers crossed).




Editor’s note: between writing this at work (shh!) and posting it, I managed to get the sweater done.  Special thanks to Pooh Bear for his volunteer modeling.


The boys are spending the week with their grandparents in Ohio, and I’m rather discombobulated.  The house it too quiet.  My level of concentration is low.  Usually, I concentrate with extreme focus for short amounts of time, because I know I will be interrupted.  But since I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted yesterday, I sort of just wandered aimlessly around the house.  Despite that, it was 8 pm before I knew it, and other then the sweater sewing, I don’t remember actually getting anything else done.  It wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.


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