Evil speaker phones & robot teachers

            I really hate speaker phones.  I think it is rude to force your cube neighbors to listen to your conversation, and even more rude to the person who is talking, because they have to be careful what they say,  lest someone who is not supposed to be listening, hears it.  I used to work with a woman who used speaker phone for every single phone call.  Because, she said, she had “that neck thing”, which one supposes meant it pained  her to clamp the receiver between her shoulder and ear.  She couldn’t hold the phone with her hand, you see, because she had to type while simultaneously talking on the phone.  She was just that busy. 


          Eventually, one of my other co-workers gathered up the nerve to suggest that perhaps the chronic speaker phone abuser would be happier with a hands-free device, which would mean that the rest of us didn’t have to hear her conversations.  Of course, that led to a whole other scenario in which she wore the ear piece all the time, and we referred to her as The Borg, but that’s a whole other story…. 


          The point of all this is that I’m really tired of hearing every single detail of the fantasy football league that Troy is in (he’s winning), the insanity of assuming that a ship can travel from the Oregon coast to the middle of the Pacific on less than 24 hours notice (it can’t), and Matt’s dog, who refuses to go outside to pee in the rain, but instead does his business under the dining room table (eww!).  (Actually, I shouldn’t pick on Matt, he gives me chocolate.)    Is everyone really that busy/lazy/ important/inflicted with random “neck things”?  Or I am just too sensitive?  Maybe I’ll just invest in some ear plugs, and then it won’t matter anymore.


                Toby has homework, now that he’s in the First Grade, and Mason wants so badly to have homework, too.  (I will remind him of this when he’s in high school.)  Mason announced the other day that he in fact did have homework, and that it was in Toby’s bag.  Toby asked, “How could your teacher leave your homework in my bag?”  “She’s not a teacher,” Mason said, “She’s a robot.”  Which, of course, explains everything.


                I abandoned my baby blanket project to start a baby sweater, you know, because it’s always a good idea to start a totally new project under a deadline.  I had thought that I might get it done faster than the blanket, but that remains to be seen.  Meanwhile, the baby is due in two weeks, and I’m sure she has more than enough clothes to manage for the first few months, but I’d still like the gifts to arrive before the baby does.  Since I have boys, and so never got to buy baby girl clothes, I think I may have gone a wee smidge overboard.  Then again, a baby can go through way more clothes in one day than seems possible, so maybe not.  I’m half done with the body part.  Once I get that done, I have to knit the sleeves and the hood, and then sew them all together.    Easy, right?  I hope….


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