Pay It Forward

I finished my quilt top a few weekends ago, and it didn’t come out too badly, considering that I had to sort of make up the pattern.  Not that there is a lot of skill involved in cutting squares and sewing them all together, but I was still rather proud of myself that it doesn’t look *too* ugly.   I’ve often bemoaned that fact that Hancock Fabrics is second rate, and so who knows what the quilt might have looked like if I had been able to get my hands on a bigger selection of fabrics.  I’ve found some really lovely fabrics on-line, but I’d hate to order them only to find that they aren’t the color I had in mind after all.  Anyway, this quilt is sort of my sampler quilt because I’m hoping to use the fool quilting functions on my fancy sewing machine, and it’s going on my bed, so it really only matters that it’s big enough to cover us, and warm enough to keep us snuggly.


On another craft blog, I read about a pay-it-forward project.  A crafter sends something handmade, or supplies to make something handmade, to a fellow crafter.  The recipient then sends something they made on to another crafter, and so on.  It isn’t a chain letter where you’re supposed to get something back in the end, it’s just for fun and to let people know that you’re thinking about them.  Anyway, I posted to her blog, and let her know that I would be interested in participating.  This was several months ago, and so I thought she’d gotten busy, or decided not to do it, or any number of things that we all get caught up in every day.  Low and behold, her package arrived on Monday, all the way from Kent, England.  How very cool is that???  She sent some fabric, and a bracelet that she made out of felt and beads – quite clever, I think.  So I’m going to pay-it-forward and am willing to collect names and addresses if anyone else out there reading this wants to play along.  Just respond to this post, and I’ll email separately with the particulars so that addresses aren’t posted for the world (or at least, my 6 readers) to see.  And if you think you don’t have anything to contribute, remember that although it would be great if you actually made something, you could send some vintage buttons or trim, fabric, beads – really, anything that someone else could use for their own craft project.  And think how happy the recipient will be to find something other than ads and bills in their mailbox!


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