Zombies, Quilts and Visitors

I’ve been reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” (now with ultra-violent zombie mayhem!). Having never read the original “Pride and Prejudice”, I can only guess that it follows the story more or less the same. For instance, I don’t (spoiler alert!!) remember that Wickham was paralyzed after Lydia ran off and eloped with him. At least, that didn’t happen in the Kiera Knightly version. Then again, Kiera Knightly was also never attacked by ninjas at Lady Catherine’s, so clearly some liberties have been taken with the plot. At any rate, I’m thoroughly enjoying the book, and am ashamed that I’ve never read any Jane Austen books before now. (Not that I’m actually reading Jane Austen at present, but you know what I mean.) So much am I enjoying this book, I might actually pick up one of Austen’s others, even knowing that there will be a decided lack of zombie mayhem. I suppose I’ll be able to struggle through.



Several months ago, I bought some fabric for a quilt that looked very complicated, but in fact, was not. I thought it was so cleverly put together, that it would be great for my next quilting project. I washed the fabric, and then promptly stacked it in my sewing room closet, because I was distracted by something else. Knitting dishrags, probably. (Karen, haven’t forgotten you!) Last week, I decided to dust off the ol’ sewing machine and start on the quilt. Except, I can’t find the pattern anywhere. I have stacks of quilting magazines, and although I can see in my mind’s eye exactly what the pattern looked like, I can’t see it well enough to read the directions. So I’m trying to decide if I should just cut the fabric into 5-inch squares and randomly sew them together to make a true patchwork sort of quilt, or keep looking for the pattern. As I’m trying to decide, I will most certainly be distracted by something else, and maybe when I get back to the quilt a couple of months from now, I’ll have found the pattern. Or more likely, I’ll have found the pattern and misplaced the fabric.



My mom, dad and sister are driving down this Friday to celebrate an anniversary (Mom and Dad’s 38th) and two birthdays (Dad’s 65th and the 7th anniversary of my 29th). They are only staying for the weekend, which is just enough time for the kids to be thoroughly spoiled, the parents to be completely worn out, and the grandparents and aunt glad that they visited, but also glad that they get to go back home to some peace and quiet. Think they’ll notice if I stowaway?


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