Once more into the breach

Thursday night was supposed to be Toby’s last baseball game. I think we were all sort of worn out and ready for the season to be over. But then…. They won! It was more than a little amazing. They’d only won two games all season, and Thursday’s game was against a team that had skunked us twice, and were “the team to beat”. So at the end, when it was 14 to 12, the moms were all a little teary eyed, the dads were all high-fiving each other, and the kids were completely dazed. So even though they played again on Saturday and lost, it was still a fabulous way to end the season. Go Wildcats!




There were some gorgeous strawberries at the store this weekend, and it was all I could do to keep myself from stuffing them in my mouth on the way to the check out line. So I decided to make shortcake for dessert tonight, and once again I was reminded that my 9X13 pans are missing. This is quite troubling because (1) I love to bake, and (2) I especially love to bake strawberry shortcake. I hope they are in one of the boxes in the garage that we have not unpacked. (yes, we’ve lived here for a year. shut up.) But the other thought that is flitting through my mind is that my husband – and I don’t even want to write this for fear that it will come true – is using them for some nefarious purpose. Like changing the oil in the lawn mower. Or mixing fertilizer for the blueberry bush. And really, how could I be missing BOTH of them? Maybe they eloped? And they are travelling the country followed by their twin custard cups? Sigh.




Michael’s has cotton yarn for $1 this week, which, of course, meant I had to go. I got a ton of colors, and may even someday manage to make them into dish rags! I started a new project this weekend knitting on circular needles, and I nearly strangled myself trying to get the first row knit. It didn’t get much easier from there, so I ended up tearing it all out and starting again on straight needles. So far, so good. I think my needles are *just* long enough.




Since our garden is doing exceedingly well, we had fried green tomatoes TWICE this weekend, and they were gooooood! The boys acted like I was trying to feed them poison, but maybe they’ll acquire the taste. After all, today I got them to eat clover flowers. 🙂


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