An ode

I have been remiss of late — okay, actually, just really busy with baseball, nursing a sunburn (mine), driving to OH (hi Mom!) and other random stuff. Which is a good segue to this:

Ode to the Lowly Dishrag

How come it is you hang so lank

As all the world goes crashing by?

Dishrag jibes abound.

You push the food off dirty plates

You swab the sink and counters too.

And yet you ne’er complain.

Cotton plants gave up their bolls

And threshers twined your little threads.

A knitter gave you colored purls

In patterns bright and bold

And so arrayed, you must have dreams

To charm, adorn or decorate.

But these pursuits don’t count for much

Against your higher call

For Fate has set for you a cause

To be a part of daily chores

As ev’ry fiber strives to move

Detritus from our lives.

Thank you, Karen Q!!   Look for a surprise in the mail!  🙂


Here are some pix of our garden, which is growing far better than I expected:


Mason planted and picked the carrot himself – he’s quite proud. He just took a bite out of the side of the zucchini – I’m not sure what he thought it was, but he’s was awfully excited that we picked it.

We have at least two more baseball games starting next week with tournaments, and I’m worn out just thinking about it. But, it will give me a chance to get more pictures since my husband was pressed into coach duty last weekend, and wasn’t able to take any.

Hopefully I’ll have time to catch up this weekend!


2 thoughts on “An ode

  1. Your entire yard sounds beautiful! The garden pics make me long for a rainy day. We were at 5% humidity today – no chance for a storm here.

  2. Hi Gwen, I am more then a little happy to pay-it-forward to you! If you ‘d like to let me know your address you’ll get a parcel in the next few weeks!!!! Thanks for your kind comments, Jennyflowerblue xx

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