The end of an era

Yesterday’s graduation ceremony last all of about two minutes – for which my butt was grateful – and thankfully they didn’t actually graduate in their pizza costumes.


the diploma

After the ceremony, we all went back to the classroom for cake and a little program by the kids, in which Toby looked as if he wished a hole in the ground would open up and swallow him whole.

I am a pizza

After a little cake….

sharing some cake

I dropped Mason off at school and then went to work. I was trying to get something done, because of the long weekend coming up, when suddenly an email from the school popped up (bom, bom, bom……..)


“Toby Mills has cut his arm”




I called the school and they told me that he had fallen on the playground and sliced his arm open and I would need to pick him up because he needed stitches. Did he ever! Seven, as a matter of fact. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but he was terribly brave at the doctor’s and got two pieces of fancy chocolate for being such a trooper – one of which he saved for Mason. How amazing is that? My little hero!!

the wound


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