Pizza, anyone?

            Wow, I love baseball!  There’s something about the way the team works together and separately to get the job done.  Well, maybe not Toby’s team…  They’ve actually been doing well, taking their age and general lack of attention span into consideration.  All of the coaches have a son on the team, which makes it a little difficult, I think, for them to be objective about their sons’ performance, but in all, they’re doing well with the talent they have.  They had a game last night which they lost by just one point.  They did well in the first two innings, but sort of fell apart after that.  Toby had his first strike out, and was stuck in RC field, which meant he was dancing (literally) when he was supposed to be watching the game.  I told him that I was going to sit in the dugout for the next game.  I don’t know if they will let me, but since I’m the official team score keeper, maybe I can get away with it.  At any rate, there are three more games, and they are 2-3 for the season, so far.



            We’ve been having all sorts of tornado warnings and thunder storms around here, and it’s supposed to be one of the wettest springs on record.  This bodes well for our little garden.  Everything looks great, including the tomato plants that we put in containers because there wasn’t enough room in the garden.  The summer squash plant turned out to be a zucchini, the carrots are popping up everywhere, and the peas are merrily climbing up their little corner of the garden.  We have day lilies blooming all across the front of the house, and ready to bloom in the back yard.  The hostas are up everywhere, the oak leaf hydrangeas are blooming, and all of the trees are covered in leaves now, so it’s shady in the backyard.  We moved in to this house in August, so we didn’t know everything that would be blooming in the spring.  A HUGE thank you to the people who owned the house before we did and who did all of the landscaping!  We absolutely love it!



            I have been to five different stores looking for sneakers for Toby, and cannot find them anywhere.  I want to get him either slip-ons, or Velcro straps, and that seems to be the problem.  Well, that and the fact that I refuse to pay $50 for a pair of shoes he’ll grow out of in 6 months and/or the dogs will chew up.  I really wanted to get him something a little dressy, but casual enough that he could wear them for the rest of the summer.  You see, he’s graduating from Kindergarten on Wednesday.  (!!!)  I bought him a new shirt and shorts, also, because his teacher said he needs to wear his “Sunday best”.  Although he told  me yesterday that it didn’t matter what shirt he wore because he would be wearing a pizza costume.  What???  Yes, they will be singing “I’m a Pizza” for their graduation program.  Umm, okay.  He’s been singing “She’s a Grand Old Flag” all over the house for weeks, so I thought that’s what he would be singing for his graduation.  Apparently, no, in Alabama they celebrate international foods on graduation day.  I really hope that I can find the charger cord for the video camera before tomorrow morning, because this will be something to laugh over 20 years from now.  (Even though the chance of me getting close enough to the stage to actually film anything is slim, since the stage is in the cafetorium (yes, they really call it that), and so I’ll be sitting at a lunch table made for butts much smaller than mine, while simultaneously trying to keep an eye on Mason and locate Toby in the seething mass of pizza slices wandering around.)



Great.  Now I’m hungry.


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