Twinkees and InLaws

I went to the downtown library last night, which is sort of like Carrie Bradshaw going to the Manolo Blahnik store.  Heaven!!!!  I took a bag with me, partly because I had a gaggle of books to take back, and also because I knew I would find another gaggle of books to check out.  Which I did.  The library here, including some of the larger branches, arrange the books by genre as well as regular alphabetically, which is fabulous.  So if I feel like reading a mystery, I only have to wander through ten shelves instead of the whole library.  Now, I know part of the fun of the library is wandering the shelves, but sometimes I’m in a mystery mood, so it’s helpful.  Also, I’ve been known to have ten books to check out before I even get to the end of the first aisle, so really, it’s beneficial to everyone that they’ve organized their shelves this way.  I ended up with The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb, which I’ve been wanting to read, and several issues of “Cricket” magazine, which is a children’s magazine full of short stories that I used to get when I was a kid and always loved.  I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to read it!!  I also picked up a bunch of other books that looked good, but may or may not actually be good, including a couple of bodice-rippers, which to me are sort of like Twinkies.  Every so often you think, Twinkies, wow, I haven’t had one since forever!  So you eat one.  And then you remember, as you are scraping the nasty goo from your teeth and scrubbing your tongue with copious amounts of toothpaste, that there’s a reason why you haven’t eaten one in a long time.  I might not read the bodice-rippers at all, but just in case I get the hankering, I’ll have them.


The other thing that happened while I was in my delirious book-induced haze at the library is that I overheard a woman asking for a book that she’d reserved – “menagerie something?  Glass Menagerie?  I don’t know, my son needs it for school.”  I was gobsmacked!!  (Sometimes I wish I were English because their vocab is so much cooler.)  The girl behind the desk didn’t know what it was either.  Seriously?  I can forgive the girl at the desk because she looked like she might still be in high school, but the mom?  Am I wrong in thinking that the general public should have at least a passing familiarity with “The Glass Menagerie”?  Maybe so.  I have been told that I am a snob when it comes to “knowing things that other people don’t”.  I don’t mean to be, honestly.  But sometimes, I am appalled at the things others don’t know.  Don’t they ever watch Discovery or the History channel?!?!?!  Or PBS????


Toby was going to play a game the other night, and told me, “I’m closing my door, so please knock if you want to come in.”  I asked him why he was closing the door.  He said, “I’m going to play a game, and I can hear you guys talking and I get all discombobulated.”  He’s six, people.  SIX!!!  Now, if I could just harness all that brain power for good….


My mom and dad visited last weekend, and we went to a hardware store downtown that has been in business since 18-something.  They have all of the old log books, receipts, etc still in the store, and it was really fascinating to me, just looking at the penmanship.  Somewhere I read that kids these days barely know how to write legibly because they never have to – everything is done on the computer.  Sort of sad, really.  But I digress…  while we were there, I bought the boys each a bag of marbles, and when we got home, they each played marbles with Grandpa out on the patio.  I did not get any pictures of this because my camera battery chose that exact time to die.  Of course.  But I was very glad that they got a chance to play something that didn’t involve sitting in front of a TV or computer.  We also all went out to dinner at a new place, where the food was good, the service, not so much.  While we were eating, it started to monsoon, so in retaliation for the bad service, we swiped a couple of cloth napkins to put over our heads.  (And by “we” I mean Mason and Grandma.)  I tied Mason’s around his head like a pirate.  I have no idea how Grandma used hers, I was running too fast to see.  (And by “running”, I mean moving at a pace only slightly faster than usual while carrying Pirate Mason and trying to avoid falling into one of the many puddles on the sidewalk.)  It was a good weekend.  J


And now I must give a shout out to Karen Q, who might just be the coolest mother-in-law that I know.  I hope my boys’ wives think as highly of me as I know her newest daughter-in-law thinks of her.  My own MIL is pure-D crazy, in a harmless but nonetheless eyebrow-raising sort of way.  I could tell stories, but my husband reads this blog.  (Hello, dear!)  Actually, most of my in-laws are various degrees of crazy, but they are from Texas, which should explain a lot to anyone who has ever lived there, but not actually been from there.  It really is a whole other country.  Was anyone surprised when the governor predicted Texas might one day secede from the Union??  Me, neither.  Anyway, props to Karen and her cool self.


Toby has a ball game tomorrow morning, maybe he’ll actually score a run this time!  I’ll post pictures, if I get some good ones.


Have a good weekend, everyone!


One thought on “Twinkees and InLaws

  1. Reading about the library visit was wonderful! I thought I was the only person that needed a bag at the library. Hmm. Actually, now that I think about it, I did know that you also have a book addiction. A few years ago…in a land far far away…you invited me along on a trip to a book sale sponsored by the city public library. I specifically remember you telling me to bring a bag. 🙂 I added some great cookbooks to my collection that day.

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