It’s hot in Topeka

For your viewing pleasure – a clip from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends“, which, sadly, does not seem to be on Cartoon Network anymore. It’s clever, funny, and not gross — some of the shows are so violent and plain ol’ disgusting, I can’t stand to have them on. But this show makes me laugh all the time. Check out what is probably my favorite clip of the show, although there are lots of memorable scenes. Enjoy!  P.S.  It’s loading really slowly for me, hope you have better luck!


2 thoughts on “It’s hot in Topeka

  1. Hi, Gwendy,
    Loved the blue blob clip! I’ve never heard of this cartoon…probably due to our not having cable. Congrats on you beautiful dishrags. I thought I was the only one who ever used a dishrag! My mother thought sponges harbored far too many old disgusting bits of food to ever be used around dishes, but a dish rag could be washed in scalding water and dried in the sun. I too find Hancock Fabrics a poor second to Jo-Ann’s. Unfortunately the closest Jo-Ann’s is in Atlanta, needing the finest driving skills to navigate the 75 mile trip. Keep up the good work!

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