The Birthday Boy

First, Happy Easter everyone! The Easter Bunny visited, but opted out of hiding eggs in the back yard. He promised to come back next weekend, if we clean up all the dog poop in the back yard. We’ll see if that actually happens.



In other news, my 3YO is now my 4YO!! Mason turned 4 today! (If you’ve read this blog before, you probably noticed that I started to use names instead of “3YO”, etc. Basically, I don’t think any of you are mass murderers, so I’m trusting you to know my kids’ names. Or am I?!?!?!?!?) We had a strawberry cake, which was the birthday boy’s request, and even though I had to glue part of it together with copious amounts of icing, it still tasted good. And really, no one cares what it looks like except me. Mason actually wanted a Spiderman cake – from one of those molded Wilton pans – but I told him that I didn’t have the icing to make it, which was true, but I just didn’t want to mess with it. But he said, “well, let’s just have the strawberry cake because that will be easier for you.” If only everyone thought like that!



On Friday, there were tornadoes in my part of the world, which freaked me out only because I was at work, and an announcement came over the loud speaker (I didn’t even know we had a loud speaker. I felt like Rolf and Janice in “Veterinarian’s Hospital“, who always looked around when the voice over guy started talking.) At any rate, everyone from the second floor had to congregate on the first floor for 45 minutes until the tornado warning was over. My office is on the inside square of the building, so we all just stayed at our desks, figuring it was pratically a bunker already. But at home, there was honest to goodness golf ball-sized hail.



Here are the dishrags I have finished:



And the sock that I started:


I’m rather fascinated by the whole knitting process — the fact that I can make something that is not only useful, but that I actually want to use, is sort of amazing.  I’m sure that if the warmth of my family’s feet depended on my making socks, we’d all be wrapping breadbags stuffed with newspaper around our feet, though.  Nothing makes me hate something like being forced to do it.


One last thing – Toby’s first baseball game was yesterday, and as the coach said, “first game, not horrible.”  I think most of the kids just really don’t know what they are supposed to be doing unless they are batting, and even then, it’s questionable.  Then again, it’s been raining so much that we’ve had at least half of our scheduled practices cancelled, and some of the make up practices as well.  Toby almost got a triple, but when he got to third, he kept running, and by the time the base coach was able to communicate to him that he needed to be on the base, the third base man had tagged him out.  He didn’t have another at bat for the rest of the game.

We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher…….



Woo hoo!  Game’s over!!




Have a good week everyone!


One thought on “The Birthday Boy

  1. Love the dishrags! I’m impressed with two different patterns: horizontal and diagonal.

    Good luck to the little baseball star!

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