Canola oil, egg hunts, and texting

It’s been a long and weird couple of weeks. First, a tanker truck containing canola seeds and canola oil overturned on the highway, which slowed down traffic for miles because it dumped on the main route over the mountain from my side of town. The city had to call in a special clean up team from Chattanooga, TN, and then proceeded to replace the entire four lanes of asphalt overnight. I was actually rather impressed by the city’s response time, given what I’ve experienced in San Antonio, where they are still building the same overpass that they were building when I moved there five years ago.

Anyway, it was while I was stuck in traffic that I discovered the joys of texting. I have a Blackberry for the sole purpose of getting email, but since I actually get very few interesting emails at home, I turned off the email service. So I have a full keyboard, but never use it. Until… texting has become addictive, and because I use my phone to do it, I expect immediate responses, just as if I had called the person that I am texting. So my apologies to anyone who has ever texted me and not gotten a response, as well as anyone to whom I have texted and gotten annoyed with (although unknown to you) for not replying immediately. Maybe I should Twitter/Tweet instead, since no one expects replies. But that’s one more thing that I don’t really need on my already over-long list of hobbies. So far, though, I have tried to use actual words whenever possible as opposed to those annoying acronyms, or whatever the correct text-term is. Ever since “LOL” was created, I have hated its little acronym self. “LOL” to me is sort of like a laugh track on a sitcom – as if I wouldn’t know what was funny unless someone told me. “BFF”, however, I can totally get behind. I vaguely remember using “BFF” before the internet was even around – yes, I’m that old (gasp!). Just like we used “LYLAS” – love ya like a sister – but which probably has some other chat meaning, like “look, yon lovely ankle socks”.

Last Saturday was amazing wonderful weather – sunny, breezy and in the 70s – so the boys and I headed over to the elementary school for an Easter egg hunt. The eggs were just scattered all over the yard, and were divided into zones by color coded stakes and signs. The little kids got to go first, so we all waited patiently around the edges of the zone until someone yelled “go!”. Mason didn’t want to go by himself, so Toby went with him, shaking each egg to determine which ones to pick up and which ones to leave for someone else. After the little kids finished, everyone regrouped so the older kids could have their egg hunt. Once again, we waited patiently for someone to give the signal, when I looked up and noticed that there was a seething mass of 5 to 10 year olds about to descend upon us like a plague of locusts. Seriously. I feared for our lives. I sent Toby out into the fray, where he was immediately absorbed into the crowd, and hoped that he’d be able to find his way back when it was all over. Luckily, he did make his way back, but his basket was only half full, and he seemed sort of deflated. When I asked if he wanted to go back to the bouncy house or just go home, he said he’d rather go home, so then I knew that he was just as disappointed as I was that he had to fight all of the other kids to get some eggs.

More later – Toby has a baseball game this morning, and hopefully I’ll have pictures of the game to post, as well as pictures of the hail we got yesterday, and the dishrags that are threatening to take over my craft room.


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