Idol Thoughts

I have been making a lot of cards lately because I feel obliged to use the stamps that I bought while I was living in the 5th Circle of Hell and was part of a Stampin Up! group. (I really hate that little exclamation point, but that’s the way it is in their media stuff, so I guess I’d better keep it. It just seems like it’s trying too hard. Like, Yea! Try Stampin Up! You’ll like it! I promise! Honest! Please?!?!) Anyhoo…


I have been making these cards, some of which I’m really happy with:
















And some of which, not so much:










I mean, yuk!  What was I thinking?  Sometimes I get swept up in the heat of the creative moment, and sometimes I think I must have inhaled too much stamp cleaner (which claims to smell like bubble gum, but so does not).  At least I have kept them all as examples of what I liked and what I should never, ever do again.  But at least I’m working with what I already  have in my stash, and estimate that if I make one card every night for the rest of my life, I’ll use up all of my paper, umm, never.  But I would like to point out that the card with the purple flowers and blue jewels was made with a recycled wedding invitation, so that doesn’t count as being from my stash.  It’s environmentally friendly, instead.


Horror of horrors, The Sock went missing.  I know you know what sock I mean, and I was seriously stressed,  because I have started The Sock 2, and I didn’t want to unravel it, but neither did I want to wear just one.  What happened was, my 3YO wore The Sock to bed.  I wish I had a picture, because it was like a strange woolen thigh high on him.  So I asked him in the morning – where’s my sock?  “well,” he said, “I took it off an put it right here on my pillow.”  How could I be mad at that?  He loved The Sock so much that he gave it a treasured spot on his pillow!  But seriously, I was still mad, because now I figured that the dogs had absconded with it, and I would find it in an unraveled state, wrapped around the trees in the back yard, perhaps even trapping a small bird in it’s blue and green striped clutches.  Alas, no.  So I looked under the bed, and still didn’t see it.  I sent the kids under the bed, and they didn’t see it either.  I tried to look behind the headboard, but the space from the top of my head to my eyes is greater than the space from the headboard to the wall, and since the bed weighs approximately three trillion pounds, I didn’t attempt to move it.  I was resigned to having to either repurpose The Sock 2, or pretending that I had a broken foot, so that I would have an excuse to wear just one sock.  Then, a miracle!  My 3YO found the sock!  Clutched in the slobbery jaws of both dogs, who were about to start a game of tug.  He rescued The Sock, and I am happy to say that, beyond one tiny snag and some dog hair, it survived!   I love a happy ending. 🙂


Have you been watching American Idol?  I have to admit that I do, it is my only reality guilty pleasure, and I can usually talk my husband into watching it, too.  This is where the DVR really comes in handy, because I can fast forward through Paula and Randy, and increasingly, Cara, because they provide almost zero constructive criticism, and you know that when Paula says “you look beautiful”, she really means that either she wasn’t listening, or that Randy hasn’t spoken yet, and so she has no one to parrot.  Nevertheless, tonight is the start of the “real” competition, when the top 13 start singing the dreaded theme weeks, and only one person is voted off the island, er, stage each week.  I can’t decide who to root for, although I’m lovin’ me some Anoop.   Tonight’s theme is supposedly Michael Jackson songs, so that ought to be interesting.  A couple of the contestants are so young, they probably only know him from his baby-dangling, jesus-juice days.


In other news, I moved the trash can in the bathroom, and no one noticed.   So again I say, why is the sign there?  WHY????


One thought on “Idol Thoughts

  1. Whew! That’s a lot of cards if you make one a night. You should sell sets of them on eBay. Or sign up for a booth at a craft fair around the holidays. You would make a fortune, because your cards are much nicer than the ones I see at booths and craft fairs around town.

    I love that you are recycling cards. I’ve saved nearly all of my cards for years for every holiday. Why? Now they have a potential purpose.

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