Random signs

Okay, so at work there are signs galore in the ladies’ room. There is one that says “do not put paper towels in the toilet – it causes bad things to happen!!!!!” I want to put up a note – “what bad things?” I mean, I can guess what the sign writer meant, but really, it could be anything. Bad things like a clogged toilet, or bad things like no more chocolate in the vending machine, or bad things like traffic lights all over town stop working? (which actually happened a few months ago when one of the power substations shut down.) There is also a sign on the trash can which says “please do not move this trash can”. I want to move it soooo badly! What happens if it gets moved? Every one throws their trash on the floor instead? And there actually is one of those built in cans under the paper towel dispenser, so it isn’t like there would be no trash can in there, should the other be moved.  And then on the wall above the trash can, is a sign that says “Please do not put your coffee grounds in the trash can!!!!! Put them in the janitors closet next door!!!!!”  This one really gets me. What, exactly, is the problem with coffee grounds? Surely they can’t make the bathroom smell any worse than the other things that naturally go on in there. And since the trash in the bathroom eventually gets emptied in the janitor’s trash can, what difference does it make that the coffee grounds are transferred from one can to the other, as long as they get there eventually?  These are the things that plague me.


Yesterday was the last game for my 6YO’s basketball team.   Tonight is the awards ceremony, which is actually the half time of the game that the coaches are going to play.  I’ll try to remember to take my camera, so that I’ll have pictures for his scrapbook – which I will get to when he’s playing high school basketball, probably.  We also signed up for T-ball yesterday, which is the one and only sport that he actually wants to play.  Hopefully he’ll still like it once he starts practice.


Meanwhile, it snowed again this morning!  The snow was thick enough to stick, but melted once it warmed up.  Still, it was odd to look out the window and see snow on the ground.  Having lived in the south for the past five years, it’s still a novelty.  I’m sure the people in Ohio do not feel the same!


My 3YO’s newest tv show of choice is Imagination Movers on Disney.  It’s actually a good show – or at least one that I can tolerate sitting through five episodes of.  But I am secretly in love with Mover Scott.  I think it’s the Wobble Goggles.


 And I think that my friend’s husband is moonlighting as Mover Smitty.  If your last name starts with Q, yes, I mean you!


The good thing about this show, is that even though there are a couple of songs that they sing every show, they kinda rock.  Far more than The Wiggles, anyway, who always sang the same thing over and over.  One can only hear “fruit salad, yummy, yummy” so many times before feeling more than slightly homicidal.


I’ve been resisting starting sock #2 because, even though a pair means two, I feel like I finished the project.  Now I want to make a different kind of sock.  I know this is crazy, and remember how excited I was to have a pair of socks that I made myself?  And I don’t even have Valentine’s Day to use as an excuse anymore.  Although, the boys did ask me to knit them super hero capes — they said, “we’ll wait for however long it takes.”  Then came back 20 minutes later and wanted to know if I was d0ne.  Maybe someone can knit that fast, but certainly not me!  Turns out they had made super hero masks from pipe cleaners and slide-mounts, and they needed capes to go along with them.  I promised I would make capes out of fabric today, but since they seem to have forgotten about them…….think I’ll start that sock, instead.


3 thoughts on “Random signs

  1. Possible uses for ONE sock:
    1) frame it like a business frames their first dollar earned
    2) use it for a golf club cozy
    3) make a very cute sock monkey…get the boys to help you name it and the 3 of you could write its birth story (like a cabbage patch baby)
    4) or, because a soul mate cries out for its sole mate, you could get a grande skinny caramel machiatto with no whip and no foam, but an extra shot of caramel, take a deep breath and cast away!

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