The specially marked kind

Success! Or maybe, sock-cess. I finished a sock! I’m quite proud of
myself. My husband made fun of me, that it took so long, but I think he’s
secretly jealous of my mad knitting skills. Also, when I subtract the time
it took me to unravel the yarn, the number of times it took me to cast on
and be happy with it, and the time I was otherwise engaged in helping the
kids (okay, playing Lego Star Wars, but hey, someone had to help get
Princess Leia out of prison!), I probably spent a total of 6 – 8 hours on
it. That’s not too bad, and I can only get better, right? Sock number two,
here I come.

My sock!

My sock!

Since everyone that I sent a Valentine to should have gotten it by now, and
so the surprise can’t be ruined, here’s what I ended up with:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I used Stampin Up! stamps, and the rest of the supplies came from Hobby
Lobby, Michael’s or Jo Ann fabrics. (Do you know there are no Jo Ann’s in
Alabama? What kind of craziness is that???) I’ve probably had most of the
supplies for years, which, I should note, has not stopped me from buying
more. In fact, I have a set of chalk pastels that I know I’ve had since
grade school. And now that I have the craft room reorganization done, at
least for now, and my supplies are more closely at hand, I have hope that
I’ll actually use what I have instead of thinking I need something else.


I’m sure everyone who isn’t living under a rock has heard about that woman
who had octuplets, despite the fact that she has 6 kids at home, no obvious
source of income, and a house about to go into foreclosure. Notwithstanding
all of the legal/ethical/moral/monetary implications, I am convinced that
she is at least a wee smidge cuckoo, because can you imagine the diaper
changing? How would you have time for anything else? And as anyone who has
had a baby will attest, it is always the minute after you’ve just put a
fresh diaper on the baby, snapped them into the cutest jammies ever, and put
them down, that the baby will emit a sound and smell that you could not
imagine coming out of a buffalo, let alone a tiny baby, and you will find to
your dismay, that not only is the diaper dirty, but the poo has leaked out
both legs, and shot up the back. I’m here to tell you, there is virtually
no way to get those jammies off without getting poo everywhere. And you
will wonder if it would just be easier to hose the baby off in the sink. If
ever there were an argument for breast feeding, this is one, because
although the poo will still explode out of the diaper from time to time,
breast milk poo is actually not that stinky. Regardless, imagine eight
babies’ worth of poo. It boggles the mind.


And now for something completely different – my husband and I will celebrate
our tenth anniversary this weekend! It’s quite a milestone, I can’t believe
we made it so far. Not because we have a bad marriage or anything, but ten
years seems like a really long time, and it’s kind of a blur. It’s hard to
grasp. Some neighbors with kids the same age as ours have volunteered to
watch our boys so that we can go out and do something anniversary-like. 


The kids and I went to get groceries on Monday, and my 6YO wanted cereal, so
I asked him what kind he wanted. “The specially marked kind.” Yes, but
what flavor? “The specially marked one”. This could have gone on for
hours, and almost did. Luckily, the Frosted Mini Wheats came with a little
stuffed Disney toy, and since FMW are on the list of approved cereals in my
house, that’s what he picked. Although he immediately promised the toy to
his little brother, so it was a pointless discussion. He’s really a good
kid, but sometimes I have to wonder what goes on in his big head (HEED!
PANTS! NOW!) (Can you name that movie in three words?). He consistently
puts his clothes on backwards – this morning, jeans with a fly, so the front
and back should have been obvious, no? – and yesterday, his shirt. But he
also traded his breakfast toast with his brother because his brother does
not like to have melted butter, it has to be visible. And he put his shoes
on (over his three day old socks) the first time I asked him to. It’s a
decent trade off.


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