I have concluded that there are some things that just cannot be changed about a person, it is in their genes. For instance, my husband could actually stand IN the laundry hamper while getting undressed and would still pile all of the clothes outside of the hamper. Not a single piece of clothing would actually make it into the hamper until I, at the end of my rope, and not having seen the bathroom floor in weeks, put it in. My oldest cannot be quiet. He talks in his sleep. And when he isn’t talking, he’s snoring. When he’s awake, he talks, sings, hums, chortles, laughs, yells, barks….. Pick a noise, he makes it. At top volume. I cannot walk into my pantry closet without the overwhelming urge to organize it. Not that it’s really very messy, but that someone has been in there, and the box of saltines is not on the shelf that it’s supposed to be on, and how hard is it, really, to just put things back where you got them?  Why is it so impossible to remember that socks go in the top drawer, spoons go between the forks and knives, and the margerine goes on the fridge door?  Why can no one empty the dishwasher except for me?  Are they afraid that the cups might stage a revolt and climb out if someone opens the dishwasher?  That the plates will roll across the floor and hide themselves under the kitchen table?  That we don’t  have enough cupboard space for the clean dishes?  Or that, perhaps, the dishwasher IS the cupboard?  WHY!?!?!?  My husband says, he doesn’t like to unload it, because he doesn’t know where everything goes.  Well, I say, maybe if you unloaded it once in awhile, you’d learn.  And so it goes, around and around, and we end up using paper plates, because at least no one fights about that.   I know that I have issues with being in charge – my genetic disposition.  But sometimes, I want to just run away and join the circus.  Where, inevitably, I would reorganize the clown costumes in rainbow order, and they would throw me off the train in the middle of the night.  So I try to forgive everyone else their genetic disposition to leave clothes on the floor, or be noisy, or whatever, as long as they will put up with me re-loading the dishwasher (on the rare occasion of its emptiness), because I know that all the dishes will, in fact, fit in there at the same time. 


And then I go into my craft room and take deep breaths and meditate on markers and stamps.


I got a wild hair last week end and decided that I needed to reorganize my craft room.  (see?  i told you.)  I got about half done, and then I realized that there was stuff piled everywhere, and I hadn’t figured out the new home for everything yet.  And that I have way more crafty things than I thought I did.  So I thought, hey, I’ll just pull out all of the stuff I was using for Valentines, and get those done, and then I can concentrate on cleaning up the rest.  Yeah, well…..  I got the Valentines done – finally! – but then I started another Valentine project, which I now  have to make two of, and the kids came in and wanted to make something, and there is still stuff everywhere.  But, in the back of my mind I’ve been slowly figuring out where to put things, and once I get the V-day stuff done, and in the mail (the last hurdle!), then I can finish organizing, and sit on my rocking chair and think about my next project. 


And finish that dang sock!


One thought on “Genetics

  1. Today, on Valentine’s Day, I received the most beautiful card. Thank you for spoiling me with your talents! I enjoy them on display for a several weeks then they go in my special collection.

    Good luck with the dishwasher and laundry issue. We share a similar struggle with the cat’s box and shower cleaning chores. 🙂

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