The family that purls together, hurls together

It all started last Thursday – the day that I had to bring my 6YO home from school because he was throwing up.  By the weekend, I had a killer head cold, and spent Monday night fighting the chills, wearing a sweatshirt, sweat pants, my husband’s bathrobe, a hat, and four blankets.  On Tuesday morning, my 3YO threw up, so he and I stayed home and felt sorry for ourselves.  Then on Wednesday night, my husband and I both started throwing up, so we both stayed home yesterday.  I slept almost the entire day, on and off, and I’m still exhausted.    I could have gladly stayed home today, but I don’t have enough sick leave, and even though I know work goes on without me, I still felt like I’d missed too much to miss any more.  So, to work I went.  Happily, it’s the weekend, so maybe we can get life back on track.


My 6YO plays basketball with Upward!, which is a Christian based league, the goal of which is to teach sportsmanship and the basics of the game.  They don’t even keep score, which is only disappointing if you win and no one knows, I guess.  Anyway, he has games on Saturday mornings, which are rather entertaining.  The thing is, he can’t seem to focus on the game for very long unless he’s actually on the court playing, and even that is questionable.  He’s either making goo-goo eyes at the cheerleaders, or horsing around on the bench, spilling water everywhere, or doing the “look at me, Mom!” smile-and-wave from half court just as someone passes him the ball and smacks him in the nose.  This is not limited to basketball games, either, because he’s been getting notes from school describing basically the same behavior.  One was from his PE teacher, who had written in large letters across the bottom of the form letter: “THIS WILL EFFECT HIS PE GRADE!!!!!!!!!!”  Ummmm…..  okay.  First of all, he’s in Kindergarten, so he doesn’t actually get a grade, he gets “S” or “U”.  And second, I doubt very much that the MIT admissions office is going to say, “I’m sorry, even though you possess unparallelled genius when it comes to Lego construction, we are unable to offer you admission because you failed Kindergarten PE”.  And so that sort of put it into perspective for me.  That, and another mom, who was getting the same notes from her son’s teacher, and told her that obviously she is not in charge of her own classroom if she can’t get the kids to behave, because her son doesn’t act like that at home.   Can I get an amen?


Being sick is not conducive to crafting, so I *still* don’t have a sock done.  I do have some Valentines done, but I’m just not happy with them.  I don’t know why not.  I feel like I should do something totally different than what I usually do.  And I realized today that if I want anyone to actually get the cards, I’ll have to put them  in the mail soon.  Which then made me think that maybe I ought to just make Easter cards.  Now that I think about it, maybe my 6YO got his lack of focus issues honestly….. 


Meanwhile, my 3YO has been systematically ridding the house of bad guys by waving his dollar store sword in the closets and yelling “Rarrrrr!”  I don’t know if this is working on the bad guys, but I think the dogs have taken just about all they can stand.  He will even tell the dogs, very gently, “okay, I’m gonna go scare the bad guys now, so you stay here.”  The dogs just blink uncomprehendingly, and then jump about three feet every time he yells into the closet.  So instead of one of those “beware of dogs” signs to supposedly scare off burglars, I’m going to post a “beware of sword-wielding three year old” sign.  We’ll be the safest house in the neighborhood.


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