Strange weather and my multicultural family

This morning dawned dark and dreary with sort of thick rain – or “snain” as my sister would say.   It seemed like it was trying to snow, but hadn’t quite decided if it wanted to.  It had quit snaining by lunch, but it was still cold and dampish.  Which is only bad because the dogs refused to go outside this morning, not that I blame them, and so I was tempted to put Pull-Ups on them both.  (There actually are doggie diapers for, I assume, incontinent senior dogs, not house training.)  Anyway, they are both outside now, and hopefully not too muddy.


While helping my 3YO get dressed this morning, we had the following conversation:

“Mom, my wiener doesn’t like to be up.  He goes down.”

“Okay.  Let’s get your pants on”

“My wiener also talks.”

“Really?  What does he say?”

“I don’t know.  He speaks Spanish.”

I could not make this up if I tried.  I even have a semi-reliable 6YO as a witness.  And why my child’s nether regions speak Spanish is beyond me since the only Spanish I know either involves a menu or curse words.  Although, if his wiener is cursing, I guess he’ll never know since he can’t understand it.  (And yes, we say “wiener”.  Get over it.) 


I spent my lunch hour at the library because it seemed like a good place to be on a rainy day – if they would install a coffee shop, I’d probably never leave.   I’ve been reading Jasper Fforde and Victoria Thompson, who are just about as opposite as can be, but both great nonetheless.  Fforde writes about an alternate 1985 London where the characters in books are actually alive in a sort of central library, and where real people can go into the books.  They are more or less mystery books, but so much else goes on, I can’t even begin to describe them.  Victoria Thompson writes about a midwife in turn of the century New York, and the police detective that she solves crimes with.  So good!  Anyway, I checked out one of each of their books, as well as some others on my list of books to read, even though I have something like 80 books that I actually own and haven’t read.  It’s a sickness!  I blame it all on my sister who is an English teacher, and reads tons of books, that she then tells me I should read. 


In knitting news – I have one sock about halfway done.  It’s wearing me out, frankly.  And I still have to make another one!  Maybe that’s why they sell the yarn in one-sock increments, because after the first one, you’re too exhausted to make another.  I am rather proud of my half sock, though, so I suppose I’ll finish it.  But first – Valentines!  The more I look at the one I made for my sister, the less I like it.  I know I could do so much better than that!  And that big fingerprint really bothers me.  It’s like a train wreck – it’s the first thing I see when I look at it.  And it isn’t really very Valentine-y anyway.  I really only made it because of the sock monkey in the picture, which is a story for a different day, but one that I knew my sister would understand.  Long story even longer – I’m interrupting this episode of sock making for some card making. 


And to learn Spanish.


2 thoughts on “Strange weather and my multicultural family

  1. Has the little guy always been this funny? I laughed until tears were flowing uncontrollably. How did you keep a straight face?

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